The 1919 Romford Directory

Directory of Romford.

 Including all Streets in North-West Hornchurch.

The below listed names have been extracted "as is" from an original copy of the 1919 Romford Directory. Unfortunately the directory is alphabetised by street name only, so you will have to scan every street for your surname of interest. The listings are by: surname, given name, house number (or house name).

The Directory contains no other information on these people. It is assumed that the listings are by "head of household", so keep in mind that there will obviously be other family members that are in the home not mentioned.

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Barkham, John Hugh. No. 1
Golding, Philip Baldwin, No. 3
Gold, George William, No. 5
Pugh, John Frederick, No. 7
Norris, Edith Harriett, No. 9
Lindley, Alice, No. 11
Chamberlin, Charles, No. 13
Sutton, Herbert, No. 15
Cox, Lewis, No. 17
Smith, Thomas Richard, No. 19
Wiffen, Sam. Roley, No. 2
Stebbings, Herbert Royal, No. 23
Ponder, Frederick, No. 25
Wood, John, No. 27
Lodge, Frederick James, No. 29
Bright, Henry James, No. 31
Surridge, Joseph, No. 33
Meloy, James. No. 35
Oliver, George, No. 35
Kite, Ernest Gane, No. 39
Nunn, Amy Jane, No. 41
Suttle, William Arthur, No. 43
Godsave, Alfred James, No. 45
Watling, Richard, No. 47
Taylor, William Samuel John, No. 49
Ward, George Edward, Nos. 51-53
Jackson, James, No. 55
Drew, James, No. 57
Slaughter, Sydney Albert, No. 59
Green, George, No. 59
Horsman, George Henry Carpenter, No. 61
Wooderson, Walter Frederick, No. 63
Harvey, Percival Robert, No. 65
Bonny, Edith Victoria, No. 67
Ling, Elizabeth, No. 69
Reynolds, Mary. No. 69
Murrell, William, No. 71
Parrish, Henry Thos, No. 73
Palmer, George, No. 75
Rockham, George Chester, No. 77
Stokes, Frederick, No. 79
Hayward, Stanley William, No. 81
Taylor, John, No. 83
Blackwell, George Herbert, No. 87
Moss, Samuel John, No. 2
Smee, Edward Thomas, No. 4
Smee, Eliza, No. 6
Spalding, Benjamin, No. 8
Brown, Alfred Ernest, No. 10
Fulchester, Jane, No. 14
King, John Thomas, No. 16
Rolfe, Frank, No. 18
Clements, David, No. 20
Wiffen, George, No. 22
Key, John, No. 24
Busby, John, No. 26
Rollings, Emma Eliza, No. 26
Stares, Edward, No. 28
Ely, Angelina, No. 30
Moules, Harry, No. 32
Dabell, Fred, No. 34
Pavitt, Alfred Ernest, No. 36
Simpson, William, No. 38
Wells, Charles, No. 40
Stebbings, John, No. 42
Pease, Frederick William, No. 44
Warman, George, No. 46
Legg, Frederick George, Nos. 48-50
Groves, Joseph, No. 52
Holby, Henry John, No. 54
Whiffen, Alfred, No. 56
Stanley, William Edward, No. 58
Cherry, Robert, No. 60
Moore, Albert, No. 60
Patience, Walter John, No. 62
Daniels, Albert, No. 64
Attack, Edward Arthur, No. 66
Scott, Leon. Matthew, No. 68
Cooke, Frances, No. 68
Garnett, George Percy, No. 70
Goodwin, Eliza., No. 72
Cobb, Elizabeth, No. 72
Nottage, Walter George, No. 74
Watson, Alfred, No. 76
Salisbury, Kate, No. 76
Jackson, Frederick, No. 78
Mawer, William, No. 80
Cracknell, William, No. 82
Smith, George, No. 84
Carter, Charles, No. 86
Carter, Hester, No. 86
Leeger, Arthur Alfred, No. 88
Elxton, Henry, No. 90
Springett, Louisa, No. 90
Cowlin, James Walter, No. 92
Cousins, Benjamin, No. 94
Peacock, Emma, No. 96
Adams, William, No. 98
Starling, Herb. William, No. 100
Rogers, James, No. 102

ALBION COTTAGES (St. Andrew's Road) and other streets:
Howgego, Elizabeth, No. 1
Colgate, James, No. 1
Shaw, William, No. 2
Pye, Ernest, No. 3
Heane, Robert, No. 4
Shaw, Louisa, No. 5

ALBION STREET (St. Andrew's Road)
Bibby, Alfred, No. 1
Watling, George, No. 2
Williard, Henry, No. 3
Aylett, Walter, No. 4
Smith, Ellen Rebecca, No. 5
Bennett, George, No. 6
James, Herbert, No. 7
Freeman, Arthur, No. 8
Arthey, George Edward, No. 9
Jones, Frederick William, No. 10

Claydon, Robert John, No. 1
Everitt, Charles No. 2
Perry, Arthur, No. 3
Millett, Jane, No. 4
Schooling, Joseph William, No. 5
Cooper, Robert, No. 6
Chambers, Amos William, No. 7
Robinson, Emma, No. 8
Garrard, Joseph, No. 9
Wright, Charles James, No. 10
Gosling, Arthur, No. 11

Godfrey, Frank Duncan, "Pines"
Lindley, Wilfred Fawding Clough, "Ferns"
Parish, Walter Henry, "Cedars"
Bacon, Bertram Holder, "Laurels"

AMELIA PLACE (Queen Street)
Peacock, James, No. 1
Vale, Jane, No. 2
Saunders, George Sidney, No. 3

ANGEL YARD (High Street)
Barrett, William Henry, No. 1
Theobald, David, No. 2

Roughton, George, No. 1 Woodpine Cottages
Wren, Alfred, No. 2 Woodpine Cottages
Spooner, Joseph, No. 3 Woodpine Cottages
Eve, Walter, No. 4 Woodpine Cottages
Livermore, Charles, No. 5 Woodpine Cottages
Bird, Joseph, No. 6 Woodpine Cottages
Little, Ellen, No. 7 Woodpine Cottages
Palmer, George Willia, No. 8 Woodpine Cottages
Naple, Thomas, No. 9 Woodpine Cottages
Rowlinson, George, No. 10 Woodpine Cottages
Stokes, William, No. 11 Woodpine Cottages
Corley, Jack, No. 13 Woodpine Cottages
White, William Stanley, No. 14 Woodpine Cottages
Clark, Henry Gifford, New Inn

Inward, Sarah, No. 1
Salmon, George, No. 2
Vale, James David, No. 3
Fisher, William, No. 4
Shaw, Joseph James, No. 5

Luckhurst, Charles James, White Cottage
Parsons, Dorthy, No. 1106
Lewis, Eva Catherine Isabella, "Verdon"
Fowler, Arthur George, "The Cottage"
Lees, Harriett, "Lois Weedon"
Haslehurst, Theodore Edward, "West View"
Parsons, Albert Edward, "Rathdaire"

Saunders, Edgar Walter, "Moorcroft"
Ablit, Edward Frederick, "Kentyre"
Hay, charles Edward, "Avonmore"
Hartley, Flora Cynthia, "Roseland"
Harland, Gowan, "Cartrep"
Bentley, Arthur Fred Collins, "Deal House"
Brown, John, "Birkendene"
Strong, Elizabeth, "Birkendene"
Smith, Arthur, "Roxleigh"
Schroeder, Ernest Alfred, "The Elms"
Whiting, Reginald Leonard, "Hill Cottage"
Cockrell, Phillip, "Kia Ora"
Pavitt, Arthur Robert, "Beech Cott"
Nichols, Ernest, "Banbury"
Oates, James Sykes, "Coraanel"
Cantrille, Thomas Corsbee, "Knocknacheree"
Butcher, Rose "Knocknacheree"
Winstone, Walter Edward, "Belmont"
Young, Henry Francis, "Oakhurst"
Finch, Walter James, "Lynton"
Hill, Walter Ernest, "Mandene"
Miseroy, Henry Eugene Charles, "Rosalyn"
Reeve, James Baker, "Aubury"
Davis, Walter Rogers, "Norville"

Twidle, Benjamin William
Lubbock, Humphrey Thornton
Alexander, John
French, Francis Fabyan

Furneaux, William Herbert, "Homleigh"
Whittingham, Edgar
Lloyd, Ernest Frank, Kerry
Negus, George
Couzens, Henry Albert "Moana"
Gardner, Hilda Violet, "West View"
Bragg, George, Osborne House

Milton, Alfred Joseph, No. 1
Pye, Charles William, No. 2

Coates, John Alexander, No. 1
Peck, William, No. 3
Crouch, Joseph George, No. 5
Gilda, Harriett, No. 5
Paris, Benjamin, No. 7
Innes, Susanna, No. 7
Sutton, Charlotte Elizabeth, No. 7
Swaby, Arthur Henry, T., No. 9
Wardill, George Edgar, No. 11
North, Lewis Vic. W., No. 13
Spurgeon, Herb. Jas., No. 15
Wells, Caroline, No. 15
Harvey, Eliza, No. 17
Humphrey, Thos. Sam. No. 19
Burbow, Thomas Fidis, No. 21
Linstead, George Alfred, No. 21
Foyster, Laura Matilda, No. 21
Jutsum, James Roberts, No. 23
Rawles, Frederick Lancaster, No. 25
Laundy-Cook-Thomas, Robert William, No. 29
Gray, Clara, No. 31
Unwin, Henry, No. 33
Gregg, Ernest George, No. 35
Baldwin, Alice, No. 35
Hammond, Walter James, No. 32
Barten, John, No. 30
Hyett, Edgar Robert, No. 28
Groves, Thomas John, No. 26
Button, George Edward, No. 36
Dixon, George Stephen, No. 34
Young, Herb. Walter, No. 24
Legg, George Thornton, No. 22
Patridge, Frank Ernest, No. 20
Vickers, Charles Edward, No. 18
Millgate, Edward, No. 16
Turvey, Arthur, No. 14

BELMONT YARD (Market Place)
Harris, Arthur Ernest, No. 4
Metson, Harry, No. 3
Saunders, Samuel Robert, No. 2
Millbank, William, No. 1

BIRCH ROAD (Mawneys Road)
Smith, Joseph, "Laurels"
Lant, John Bidwell, "Roseglen"

Bentley, John, West Road
Wheal, Albert, West Road
Turner, Fred, West Road

Turner, Samuel Henry, No. 1
Poole, Robert, No. 2
Samuel, William, "The Limes"
Archer, James, No. 4
Westlake, Ada, No. 5
Swift, Douglas, No. 1 Douglas Villas
Dace, Joseph, No. 7
Digby, John Johnston, No. 8
King, Arthur, No. 3 Trio Cottages
Wheal, Isaac, No. 2 Trio Cottages
Jeffrey, Walter Charles, No. 1 Trio Cottages
Scot, Walter
King, George
Fletcher, Jonas
Wilcox, George
Porter, Arthur
Porter, Clara Florence
Ketley, Frederick James
Gowlett, Bertie Walter
Clark, Maurice Thomas
Boreham, John Alfred
Schooling, George, No. 6 Oak Cottages
Searle, William Charles, No. 5 Oak Cottages
Parker, Charles, No. 4 Oak Cottages
Hubbard, George, No. 3 Oak Cottages
Aylett, William, No. 2 Oak Cottages
Brown, John, No. 1 Oak Cottages

Keeling, Charles Henry, No. 1
Turner, Kate, No. 2
Walford, William, No. 3
Hines, William No. 4

Winch, George Alfred, "Montana"
Weight, Richard George "Uplands"
Todd, Henry Frederick, No. 1 Upland Villas
Thorpe, Charles Harry, No. 2 Upland Villas
Kirby, Aubrey John Woodward, No. 3 Upland Villas
Little, Martha Ellen, No. 4 Upland Villas
Fairhead, Arthur "Ashdene"
Wilton, Frank William Charles "Elmdene"
Finch, Harold George "Ditchley"
Boyle, Neil Edgar "Cedric"
Combs, Victor "Kirklees"
Hewitt, Charles, "Nottingdale"
Nunn, Arthur Edward
Harvey, George Allan
Amis, Charles David "Oakwood"
Butterworth, Herbert James, No. 1 Park Cottages
Wren, Walter, No. 2 Park Cottages
Brett, Henry Charles, No. 3 Park Cottages
Phillips, Walter Thomas No. 4 Park Cottages
Battson, George No. 5 Park Cottages
Barnes, Walter, No. 6 Park Cottages
Riley, Harris John, No. 1 Park Stores
Randall, James, Next Park Stores
Rogers, Thomas, No. 1 Weybridge Cottages
Cole, Arthur, No. 2 Weybridge Cottages
Brown, Alfred, No. 3 Weybridge Cottages
Wiseman, Anna, No. 4 Weybridge Cottages
Towns, William, No. 5 Weybridge Cottages
Vickers, Robert Arthur, No. 6 Weybridge Cottages
Sharplin, Sophia, No. 1 Cecil Villas
Lowing, Ernest William, No. 2 Cecil Villas
Finch, George Charles, No. 1 George's Terrace
Carter, Walter William, No. 2 George's Terrace
Jennings, General, No. 2 George's Terrace
Finch, George, No. 3 George's Terrace
Lewis, James George Alfred, No. 4 George's Terrace
Hale, Isaac, No. 5 George's Terrace
Christmas, Arthur Abraham, "Squirrels Head"
Thirkettle, Horace Henry, No. 1 Rose Villas
Young, John, No. 2 Rose Villas
Coe, Harry Woolard, No. 3 Rose Villas
Hants, Bertie William Robert, No. 4 Rose Villas
Whitbread, Valentine George, No. 5 Rose Villa
Heavey, Annie Elizabeth, No. 6 Rose Villas
Garnham, Arthur, No. 57
Bridge, George, No. 59
Knight, Francis, No. 59
Chapman, Agnes Jane, No. 59
Green, Owen Henry, No. 77
Williams, John William, No. 79
Parcy, Louis John, No. 83
Webb, John Henry, No. 85
Champness, Percy Yardley, No. 87
Heffer, Robert, No. 87
Handley, Fred. No. 89
Charge, George. No. 91
Pye, Alice, No. 93
Harris, Edward William, No.  95
Harris, Lucy, No. 95
Long, Annie Rebecca, No. 97
Leach, William, No. 99
Padgham, Albert, No. 101
Harold, Frederick Henry, No. 107
Harold, Susana Mary, No. 107
Bartholomew, Richard, No. 109
Danby, Charles Henry, No. 111
Pryke, Sydney Harold, No. 113
Stangleman, Arthur, No. 155
Finch, Euston, Spencer George, No. 117
Edwards, William, No. 119
Bacon, Alfred, No. 121
Steel, William "The Cannons"

May, Arthur, No. 36
Banks, Joseph Charles Richard, No. 37

Lines, William No. 1
King, Archer Bearman, No. 3
Hench, Frederick, No. 5 and
RAIKES, Clifford, No. 5
Eltham, Rose Caroline, No. 5
Bouttle, John Charles, No. 5
Poel, Horace, No. 7
Instance, Thomas George, No. 9
Saunders, Frederick George No. 11
Potiphar, John, No. 13
Newman, Alfred William, No. 13
Blunt, Herbert Douglas, No. 15
Green, Edward Bateson, No. 17
Burbridge, Henry Percival, No. 19
Parker, Florence Hetta, No. 21
Pearson, Hannah, No. 23
Gaywood, Edward John, No. 25
Skilton, Herbert George, No. 27
Jarvis, Edwin, No. 31
Stares, William Thomas, No. 33
Baker, Henry, No. 33
Pannell, Thomas William, No. 35
King, Harriett, No. 37
Jarvis, Ernest, No. 39
Aylett, Edward Norman, No. 41
Robertson, Samuel, No. 41a
Harris, Edward Thomas, No. 43
Rooke, Ernest John, No. 45
Whitehead, Samuel, No. 47
Howe, George, No. 49
Bailey, James William, No. 51
Arch, Alfred Bentley, No. 58
Axon, Mary Ann, No. 55
Wilson, Elizabeth Louisa, No. 61
Smith, Walter John, No. 67
Reed, Arthur Edwin, No. 69
Bodger, Edith Victoria, No. 2
Gelson, George, No. 4
Murphy, Ellen Maria, No. 6
Bissett, Robert Alex., No. 10
Bailey, Herbert, No. 12
Cottle, William Edward, No. 14
Barrett, Sidney John, No. 16
Harvey, George, No. 16a
Cripps, James, No. 18
Brown, George Burness, No. 20
Vale, Ernest Garabaldi, No. 30
Thacker, Jonas, No. 32
Archer, Edward, No. 34
Reeves, Frederick Jos., No. 36
Howe, Frederick, No. 38
Smith, Albert, No. 40
Eltham, Harry Reginald Lennox, No. 42
Collins, Robert Daniel, No. 44
Hawkes, Stephen Ernest, No. 46
Puttick, James No. 50
Silcox, Walter Henry, No. 52
Wickham, Frederick Charles, No. 54
Ridd, Thomas, No. 56
Boddington, Horace Arnold, No. 58
Saunders, Hannah Maria, No. 58
Mayes, William Samuel, No. 60

Payze, Nathaniel Joh, No. 2
Barnes, Philip Isaiah, No. 4
Barnes, Edith, No. 4
Ince, Herbert Arthur, No. 6
Potter, George Bramston, No. 8
Gosling, Thomas, No. 10

Adderkin, Thomas, No. 5
Stanley, Leonard, No. 7
Joughin, Eliza, No. 9
Howe, Arthur Thomas, No. 11
Taylor, Alfred Robert, No. 13
Fisk, John George, No. 15
Bush, Mary Ann, No. 17
Hollick, Eliza, No. 17
Elliman, George Henry, No. 19
White, Arthur Daniel, No. 21
White, Mary Ann, No. 21
Saltwell, Arthur, No. 23
Patridge, Walter, No. 25
Merchant, John, No. 2
Marsters, William Robert, No. 4
Palmer, George, No. 8
Peatfield, Frederick Ernest, No. 10
Peatfield, Kate Ellen, No. 10
Battson, George, No. 12
Gurney, John, No. 14
Buchan, George, No. 16
Hudson, Harry, No. 18
Hudson, Minnie, No. 18
Ambrose, Sydney Ernest, No. 20
Bruce, Douglas Robert, No. 22
Wilding, Herbert William No. 24
Stokes, Walter, No. 26
Blackwell, Emma, No. 28

Gray, William Percival, "Belle View"
Smith, Ernest William, Risebridge Farm
Adams, Gilbert James, No. 1 Risebridge Cottages
Newson, Robert, No. 2 Risebridge Cottages
Stone, St. Edmel Henry Jessop, Lower Bedford
Theobald, George William, Cottages
Woodmore, Edward James, Lodge Cottage, Bedford
Keep, John Henry (no number)

Barton, Thomas (no number)
Clarke, Robert, No. 1 Poplar Cottage
Saunders, Catherine Martha, No. 2 Poplar Cottage
Fulcher, Frederick, No. 3 Poplar Cottage
Milton, Francis Henry, Nos.4-5 Poplar Cottage
Dovey, Frank William, The Lawn
Cowles, Hector Charles, Gobions House
Burton, Arthur, Grange Farm
Jopson, Harry John, No. 1 Grange Cottages
Livings, Richard, No. 2 Grange Cottages
Staff, Harry, No. 3 Grange Cottages
Turner, Charles, No. 4 Grange Cottages
Catchpole, Percy James, No. 5 Grange Cottages
Norris, Arthur Lindsay, Chase Cross
Hope, George Palmer, Havering Grange

Stripling, James (no number)
Wilks, Frederick Charles
Shurvall, Charles, Cottage

Brand, John, No. 5 Anns Place
Fox, Henry, No. 4 Anns Place
Merchant, Charles A, No. 3 Anns Place
Paterson, Edmund Ramsey, No. 2 Anns Place
Baker, John Robert, No. 1 Anns Place
Patience, Anne, No. 1 Anns Place
Wood, Alfred, No. 3
Beauchamp, George, No. 3
Ling, Richard, No. 2
Legg, William, No. 1

Warman, Theo. John, No. 1
Morris, Ann, No. 2
Wright, Albert Edmund, No. 3
Grimwood, James No. 5
Cable, Robert, No. 4

Wheal, John Samuel, No. 1 Clock House Lane
Wright, Ellen, No. 2 Clock House Lane

Doe, Daniel, Collier Row
Chambers, Sidney, Bell Inn
Fitch, Charles Freerick, Elm Hurst
Rowe, Walter John, No. 1 Bell Cottage
Wood, Wlliam Charles, No. 2 Bell Cottage
Wheele, Arthur Frederick, Birds Farms
Wright, Henry, No. 1 Fir Tree Cottage
Harding, Alfred, No. 2 Fir Tree Cottage
Hawkes, Thomas, No. 3 Fir Tree Cottage
Perry, Sarah, No. 1 Claughton Cottages
Mays, William, No. 2 Claughton Cottages
Ridgwell, George, No. 1 Hillside Cottages
Beadle, George, No. 2 Hillside Cottages
Williams, George, No. 3 Hillside Cottage
Elms, Robert, No. 4 Hillside Cottages
Peacock, Harry Henry, Fullers Farm
Paddingham, Jonathan, Hampden Cottage
Burcham, Arthur John, Hampden House
Terry, Sidney John, Hampden House
Turner, John, Lodge Farm
Marke, Walter Edgar, No. 1 Lodge Farm
Shelley, Richard, No. 1 Capron Cottages
Shelley, Emma, No. 2 Capron Cottages
Foster, Albert Charles, No. 3 Capron Cottages
Chopping, Alfred Charles, No. 4 Capron Cottages
Sharp, John, No. 1 Rose Cots.
Cross, Ernest, No. 2 Rose Cottages
Wilks, Albert, No. 3 Rose Cottages
Howe, Edward Charles, No. 4 Rose Cottages
King, George, No. 5 Rose Cottages
Sharp, Rossetta, No. 6 Rose Cottages
Bond, Caroline, No. 6 Rose Cottages
Chittick, Harry, No. 7 Rose Cottages
Perry, Daniel, No. 8 Rose Cottages
Wheele, Robert Harry, No. 9 Rose Cottages
Lodge, Joseph Elijah, No. 10 Rose Cottages
Plummer, Frederick, No. 11 Rose Cottages
Cumbers, Alfred, Old Rose and Crown, Church Road
Legg, Ernest James, Bakery, Church Road
Bright, Frederick George, White Hart, Church Road
Potter, Ambrose, Cottage Church Road
Hull, Ernest Joseph, Cottage, Church Road
Wilson, Joseph, Cottage, Church Road
Palmer, Stephen Francis, Cottage, Church Road
Germaney, John, Cottage, Church Road
Fowler, James, Gobions Farm, Church Road
Wheele, Thomas Henry, Chaseway Cottages, Church Road
Gay, Isaac Matthew, Warrens Farm
Pye, Samuel, No. 1 Warrens Cottage
Mays, James, Maypole Cottage
Allison, John Charles, Old Sun Gate
Peters, Emma, Old Sun Gate
Harding, Edward, No. 1 Providence Place
Mynett, Herbert Edward, No. 2 Providence Place
Harding, Alice, No. 3 Providence Place
Barnes, Henry Charles, Providence Place
Fowler, William, Providence Place
Staines (this spelling), Sarah Ann, Providence Place
Stains (this spelling), George, No. 1 Sungate Cottages
Smith, George, No. 2 Sungate Cottages
Wilsher, Henry George, No. 3 Sungate Cottages
Germany, Herbert, No. 4 Sungate Cottages
Germany, Robert, No. 4 Sungate Cottages
Button, Kate, Cottage, near Sungate
Wilks, William, Cottage, near Sungate
Wheele, Edgar, Cottage, near Sungate
Wiggett, John Edward, Cottage, near Sungate
Travis, James, Cottage, near Sungate
Walker, William, Cottage, near Sungate
Mott, Samuel Frederick, No. 1 Brookside
Jenkinson, Eli, No. 2 Brookside
Johnson, Caroline, No. 2 Brookside
Wade, George, No. 3 Brookside
Bonnick, Ellen Elizabeth, No. 4 Brookside
Firth, Silvester, No. 5 Brookside
Murrell, James Thomas, No. 6 Brookside Cottages
Cook, Emma, No. 7 Brookside Cottages

Saggers, William, Collier Row Lane,
Smith, Alfred Ernest, Oak Cottages
Dyce, James, "Oakdene"
Teden, Mary Sophia Grace, No. 1
Glassock, William, no.3
Hawkins, Henry Morley, No. 5
Digby, Thomas George, No. 7
Gray, Ethel, No. 9
Crossman, Frederick John, No. 11
Pannell, Thomas Ambrose, No. 13
Rendell, Sarah, No. 15
Scarf, Alfred, No. 17
Liddel, Arthur Edward, No. 19
Camping, Clara Ann, No. 21
Campbell, Jos. Lloyd, No. 23
Richardson, Mabel Elizabeth, No. 25
Webb, Ernest Edward, No. 27
Barren, Henry John, No. 29
Healey, Maria, No. 31
Burgess, Walter Elijah, No. 33
Fisher, Charles, No. 35
Parsons, Thomas Edward, No. 37
Hayes, Frank Edwin, No. 39
Emery, Sidney, No. 41
Hoddy, Ethel Gwen, No. 43
Rainbird, William, No. 45
Davis, Ernest, No. 47
Lynch, Henry, No. 49
Roberts, John, No. 51
Burrell, Ellen, No. 53
Newson, John, No. 55
Couzens, Alice, No. 55
Belsham, Fred, No. 57
Davis, George Edward, No. 59
Patience, Henry James, No. 61
Sayer, Edmund Alfred, No. 63
Cope, James, No. 65
Thomson, John, No. 67
Wooler, Henry Walter, No. 71
Golding, Thomas, No. 73
Large, William, No. 73
Fawkes, Oliver Gilbert, No. 75
Nunn, Eliza, No. 77
Carpenter, George, No. 10
Gresty, Charles Roger, No. 18
Forbes, George Sutherland, No. 20
Wright, Arthur Henry, No. 22
Fletcher, Arthur, No. 24
Whipps, George, No. 26
Harding, John Charles, No. 28
Dee, Thomas William, No. 28
Davis, Samuel John, No. 30
Tubbs, John, No. 32
Starr, Arthur Thomas, No. 34
Barrington, Ralph, No. 36
Brewster, William George, No. 38
Clarke, Sidney, No. 40
Ketley, Jonathan, No. 42
Johnson, Herb. Edward, No. 44
North, harold, No. 46
Allen, Mabel May, No. 46
Rich, Charles, No. 48
Hitch, William, No. 50
Adams, Edward, No. 52
Adams, Edward John, No. 52
Pearce, Elizabeth, No. 54
Estlea, Frederick, No. 56
Davies, Henry James, No. 58
Milbank, William George, No. 60
Coomber, Eleanor Sarah, No. 62
Clarke, Philip Caesar, No. 64
Champness, Elijah, No. 64
Everett, Joshua, No. 66
Jarmy, William Francis, No. 68
Collard, Albert Arthur, No. 70
Aldous, William, No. 72
Adams, Annie Kate, Laundry
Hollowbread, William, No. 82
Hollowbread, Heary(?) James, No. 82
Bell, Robert William, No. 84
Clark, Robert Strathdee, No. 86
Staples, Ellen, No. 86
Pfister, Felix George Emile, No. 88
South, Frank Eaton, No. 90
Roper, James, No. 92
Hibbert, Annie, No. 92
Sharpin, Elizabeth, No. 92
Hunter, Mary Ellen, No. 94
Muir, Peter, No. 96
Sharpe, Thomas William, No. 98
Bowtell, Mary Ann, No. 98
Everitt, Sarah Ann, No. 98
Bixby, William Bernard, No. 100
Sayer, Hannah, No. 102
Paul, Howard, No. 104
Harmar, William George, No. 106
Johnson, William Wilson, No. 108
Wordley, Sergeant, No. 110
Hornsby, William, No. 112
Mansfield, Sarah Ann, No. 114
Best, Mary Ann Harriett, No. 114
Burgess, Edward John, No. 116
Cosies, Ernest, No. 118
Brooks, Thomas John, No. 120

Stares, John, No. 1 Spencer Cottages
Sutton, Martha, No. 2 Spencer Cottages
Leonard, Ernest, No. 1
Thomas, William, No. 2
Bennett, Emily Maria, No. 3
Prince, Edward, No. 4
Wood, Frederick Walter, No. 5
Bent, Matthew, No. 6
Smashall, James, No. 7
Jarvis, Harry Jack, No. 8
Sibbons, John, No. 9
Norman, Alfred, No. 10
Holgate, Alfred Stanley, No. 11
Webb, Emily, No. 12
Woskett, Peter, No. 13
Moss, Ernest Willia, o. 15
Hayward, Edward, No. 16
Dawkins, Alfred, No. 17
Harris, John Jesse, No. 18
Butcher, Robert George, No. 19
James, Harry, No. 20
Murphy, William, No. 21
Kemp, Charles Evelyn, No. 22
Perry, Edward Herbert, No. 23
Willson, John William, No. 24
Dawkins, James Robert, No. 25
Collard, Albert, No. 26
Harris, Robert William, No. 27
Lane, Frederick Charles, No. 28
Cooper, Louis John, No. 29
Haywood, Edward, No. 30
Meekings, William, No. 31
Bugbee, Charles William, No. 32
Disney, Mary, No. 33
Matthews, George Walter, No. 34
Culham, James, No. 35
Crisp, Frederick William, No. 8
Andrews, Susan, No. 9
Sherlock, Frances, No. 10
Vale, Robert George, No. 11
Ford, Arthur Beadle, No. 12
Mitchell, William John, No. 35
Matthews, John William, No. 36
Woolley, Thomas No. 37
Hockly, David, No. 38
Webster, Joseph, No. 39
Tyrell, William John, No. 40
Young, Elizabeth, No. 41
Payne, William, No. 42
Wilson, Arthur Alexander, No. 43
Dack, William Walter, No. 44
Lapwood, John, No. 45
Willey, Alfred, Sr., No. 46
Willey, Alfred, Jr., No. 46
Hall, John, No. 47
Thornton, John, No. 48
Smith, James Charles, No. 49
Copsey, William Joseph, No. 50
Mayor, Cecil William, No. 51
Swallow, Jane, No. 52
Swallow, John, No. 53
Ray, Ernest Harry, No. 54

COTTAGE PLACE (Market Place)
Holgate, Peter, No. 1
Ellingworth Elizabeth Ann, No. 2
Ruffell, Barney, No. 3
Burton, Ellen, No. 3
Mollitt, Edwin John, No. 4
Pairtt, George, No. 5
Noble, Mary, No. 5
Lewis, Emma, No. 6
Wooley, George Victor, No. 7

COTTAGE ROW (London Road)
Techner, John, No. 1
Perrin, Louisa, No. 1
Potter, Hepzibah Mary, No. 2
Friend, George Frederick, No. 3
Bellinger, Mary, No. 4
Gardner, Mary, No. 5
Horide, George, No. 6
Judd, Albert, No. 7

Chambers, John, "Homeleigh"
Bird, George Thomas, No. 4
Smith, Robert, No. 12
Green, Leonard Clisk, No. 14
Pope, George Dalton, No. 16
Gooding, Charles Alfred, No. 18
Nicholls, George Matthias, No. 20
Goldstone, Arthur Percy, No. 22
Smith, William Frank, No. 24
Bradly, Reginald Charles, No. 26
Smith, Phillip Thomas, No. 28
Wilkes, William Robert, No. 30
Spooner, John Edward, No. 32
Hawkins, Romeo, No. 34
Spooner, George, No. 36
Spooner, John Calder, No. 38
Poulton, William Frederick, No. 40
Le Maitre, Samuel, No. 42
Suffolk, William Henry, No. 44
Webb, George Henry, No. 46
Batchelor, Alexander Ernest, No. 48
Weymouth, George Guy, No. 50
Miller, Sarah Theresa, No. 52
Castor, Walter Herbert, No. 54
Biggs, Alfred James, No. 56
Page, Thomas John, No. 58
Owen, Thomas, No. 60
Heaven, Minnie Louise, No. 62
Shaw, George William, No. 64
Godfrey, John, No. 7
Heaven, Emma, No. 9
Maddocks, John Arthur, No. 11
Spooner, Edgar Percy, No. 13
Booty, Ernest George, No. 15
Potter, William, No. 17
Milbourne, William George, No. 23
Wenn, Arthur Ernest, No. 25
Spooner, Robert, No. 27
Bunn, Charles, No. 29
Williamson, Charles William, No. 43
Harrington, Edward Stafford, No. 45
Hills, James Chandler, No. 47
Sanders, Henry George, No. 49
Cullen, William, No. 51
Holby, Henry James, No. 53
Beale, Albert, No. 55
Lichfold, John, No. 55
Parkinson, Frederick B., No. 61
Moore, William James Percy, No. 63

CROSS ROAD (Mawneys)
Hopwood, William Henry, Uxbridge Villa
Dorrington, William Jane, Cottage
Want, James, Cottage
Weatherall, Frederick William, "Pentile"
Hurley, William Henry, Hope Villa
Boreham, Walter William, Maud Villas
Bayfield, George William, "Primrose"
Taylor, Edward Prior, No. 2 Lilian Villa
Jewell, Walter David, Oak Villa
Smith, George Henry, Tower Cottage
Clark, Arthur, Nursery
Myhill, George, Nursery
Sanders, William
Crisp, Alfred Stephen, "Nell Gwyne"
Ashton, Arthur

Despointes, Albert Lionel, Fellbrigg Cottage
Small, Frederick William, "Budleigh"
Softly, William George, "Redcliffe"
Mumford, Edw., "Chatton"
Alt, George, "Moyns"
Reid, Thomas, "Dalchcana"
Watling, Elizabeth Ann, Oak Cottage
Sabine, Edwin Joseph, "Arden"
Speechly, Courtency Charles, "Oakwood"
Farrow, Edward Frederick, "Herbernia"
Mascall, John Glover, "Mount Tetchet"
Jessamy, Frederick, Elm Cottage
Biggs, William John Henry, "Brendon"
Copeland, Edith Sarah, The Cottage
Dawson, Ellen, The Cottage
Cook, Charles Alfred, "Savernake"
Nisbet, Jane, "Malvern"
Langdale Herbert, "Stanhope"
Berridge, George, "Hillcrest"

Bixley, David "Crowlands"
Sarling, George, No. 1 Crowlands Cottages
Hardy, Henry Alfred, No. 2 Crowlands Cottages
Mason, Frederick, Land

Chambers, Edw., The Bakery
Rockingham, Grace, Post Office
Ramsay, Thomas David, No. 1
Church, Henry James, No. 2
Thorogood, David William, No. 3

Turner, Harry, No. 5
Middleton, Sidney, No. 7
Beer, Reginald, No. 9
Johnson, Evan John, No. 11
David, Leonard, No. 13
Crawley, Bertram Arthur, No. 15
Emberson, George, No. 17
Hardy, William Arthur, No. 19
Cluness, Jessie, No. 21
Bentall, Albert John, No. 23
Skilton, Thomas William, No. 25
Battson, Walter, No. 27
Patridge, Joseph Sidney, No. 29
Hubbard, John, No. 31
Copping, Alfred Weston, No. 35
Youngs, Samuel Bert, No. 37
Clews, Herbert Victor J., No. 39
Kemble, Caroline Anna, No. 41
Skinner, Frederick Charles, No. 43
Morris, James Leonard, No. 45
Perry, Charles, No. 47
Whybrew, Frederick Henry, No. 49
Cooper, Percy George, No. 51
Perrin, William George, No. 53
Bissett, Robert James George, No. 55
Fenwick, William, No. 57
Chead, James Walter, No. 10
Coase, James Shapcott, No. 12
Hallows, William, No. 14
Hawkins, Herbert Harry, No. 16
Green, Alfred Henry James, No. 18
Maxwell, Harold, No. 20
Parsons, Henry Charles, No. 22
Grayland, Charles Albert, No. 24
Wilding, Frederick Last, No. 26
Burrell, Ernest Albert, No. 28
Slater, Henry, No. 30
Adams, Henry Charles, No. 32
Comley, Walter Montague, No. 38
Marshall, Benjamin, No. 40

Allen, Charles Henry, No. 1
Fox, Frederick Arthur, No. 3
Hole, Herbert Walter, No. 5
Sprake, Arthur Thomas, No. 5
Tyman, Henry Arthur, No. 5a
Reddie, Alexander, No. 5a
Edwards, Thomas Frederick, No. 7
Mortleman, John, No. 9
Gibson, Thomas, No. 11
Bennett, William Henry, No. 13
Burrows, Robert, No. 15
Rice, Frederick, No. 17
Thurlow, Arthur Jos., No. 19
Baker, Mary Julia, No. 21
Carpenter, Thomas Frederick, No. 23
Stratham, Alfred Stephen, No. 25
Nash, Albert Edw., No. 27
Perry, Francis Cliff, No. 27
Taylor, Annie, No. 29
Taylor, Charles William, No. 31
Heard, William Darren, No. 33
Oakley, Amy Keziah, No. 35
Bonner, Frank, No. 35
Barten, Edward, No. 37
Matthews, Kate, No. 39
Byworth, Frank, No. 41
Snashall, James, No. 43
Abrahams, William Henry, No. 49
Morford, Mary Anne, No. 51
Winmill, Ellen, No. 53
Liddell, Walter Duncan, No. 55
McNarry, Lilla Gertrude, No. 57
Johnson, Arthur Douglas, No. 57
Cormack, Cyril Herbert, No. 59
Trotman, Thomas Richard, No. 59
Pearce, John, No. 61
Palmer, Matilda Alma, No. 63
Staines, Thomas Edward, No. 65
Gray, Emily Clara Louisa, No. 67
Pritchard, Charles Stephen, No. 69
Bryant, James, No. 71
Harris, Frank Lewis, No. 73
Edwards - Heard, Millicent, No. 75
Wood, Charles Baker, No. 77
Rawlins, George, No. 79
Craig, John James, No. 81
Lindsay, Colin Donaldson, No. 83
Maxted, Ernest Charles, No. 85
Clayton, William Edward, No. 89
Fidgen, Ernest Victor, No. 91
Cave, Frederick, No. 93
Hunter, James Brown, No. 95
Davies, Sarah, No. 10
Beatrup, Rosetta, No. 12
Silcocks, Elizabeth Catherine, No. 14
Walker, Edith Mary, No. 14
Hobbs, Mary Anna, No. 16
Dodd, Charles James, No. 18
Hacquoil, Percy Freed, No. 20
Rouse, Alfred, No. 24
Martin, Frank Alfred, No. 26
Murphy, Horace Edgar, No. 28
Thomson, John, No. 36
Osburn, Mabel, No. 38
Branson, Albert William, No. 40
Richardson, James, No. 42
Hollington, Kate, No. 44
Cutmore, Alfred Henry, No. 46
Barratt, Benjamin Winterton, No. 48
Pursell, Elizabeth, No. 48
Evans, Charles, No. 50
Neck, Claude Herbert, No. 52
Beech, William Pearman, No. 54
Barnes, George, No. 56
Currie, Elizabeth, No. 58
Last, William Henry, No. 60
Grimwood, Thomas Sparks, No. 60
Coombes, Bertram Richard, No. 62
Harrington, Edward, No. 64
Gozzard, Frederic, No. 66
Ryle, Charles, No. 68
Palmer, Harry William, No. 70
Whipps, Eliza No. 72
Eddrup, Hermann, Francis, No. 74
Bolding, Minnie Rose, No. 74
Baker, Algernon Leslie, No. 76
Baker, Thomas, No. 76
Anderson, William Henry, No. 78
Anderson, William, No. 78
Boardman, Sarah Elizabeth, No. 78
Belsham, Mary, No. 80
Lindsey, Gilbert, No. 82
Allam, Edwin Percival, No. 84
Suckling, John, No. 86
Winstanley, Rebecca Elizabeth, No. 88
Roper, Henry Edward, No. 90
Mason, Henry, No. 92
Archer, John Thomas William, No. 92
Boulter, George, No. 94
Reeve, John, No. 96
Harris, Frank Harold, No. 98

Ridgwell, Jos., Iron Cottage
Lock, Victor, No. 1 May Cottages
Munt, Henry, No. 2 May Cottages
Glanfield, Arthur Edw, No. 3 May Cottages
Staff, Charles Walter, No. 4 May Cottages

ELM WALK (Gidea Park)
Cooper, Harry Ashley, No. 7
Skellorn, Sarah Ann, No. 7
Young, Hester, No. 7
May, Arthur, "Tawstock"
Crouch, Henry Charles, "Midcot"
Morgan, Sidney Henry, "Ashmore"
Lasham, John William, "Woodlands"
McHernon, John, Tweed Cottage
Kaffrell, Frederick Arnold, Jap Villa
Moore, Arthur Henry, "Poyntell"
Wraight, Thomas, "Inglebrae"
Moore, Richard Bowin, Erroll House

Jacomb, Albert Edward, "Blenheim," Mawney Road
English, William, "Hawthorns," Mawney Road
Bloye, Ernest Arthur, Mawney Road
Mansell, George Hubert Scot, "Roses," Mawney Road
Bibbings, Thomas, Mawney Road
Wiffin, Samuel George, Alfred House
Mead, Alfred George William, "Fairview"
Eke, Aquila, No. 1 Helen Cottages
Annis, Arthur Clifton, No. 2 Helen Cottages
Cann, William, No. 3 Helen Cottages
Wood, Samuel Henry, Hayden Cottage
Spiers, Bert, Elm Villa
Mann, Harriett, Oak Villa
Butler, Florence, Oak Villa
Parish, Richard Eneas, Beech Villa
Cumings, Walter John, "Hazel"
French, Herbert Edgar, "Westdene"
French, George, "Norbury"

FACTORY ROAD (Squirrels Heath)
Stanley, William Henry, No. 1
Kimber, Arthur Edw., No. 3
Yalop, Elizabeth Ann, No. 5
Waylett, Arthur, No. 7
Grayland, Florence, No. 9
Saitch, David, No. 11
Nunn, Horace, No. 13
Grainger, Walter Jos., No. 15
Purkis, Ernest George, No. 17
Brand, Arthur, No. 19
Cole, Frederick, No. 21
Straight, George William, No. 23
Paulter, Charles, No. 25
Hawes, Jabez James, No. 27
Barker, William James, No. 29
Keys, Edward John, No. 31
Peear, George Henry, No. 33
Westrop, Samuel, No. 35
Cudmore, Ethel Amelia, No. 35
Lazell, James, No. 37
Brewer, George Charles, No. 39
Surridge, Henry, No. 41
Wotton, Charles Henry, No. 43
Bryant, John, No. 45
Whipps, George, No. 47
Barker, George Humpherys, No. 49
Eaton, James, No. 2
Theobold, Charles, No. 4
Lowing, Mary Ann, No. 6
Richardson, Emily, No. 6
Gowers, James, No. 8
Mason, John, No. 10
Hyde, Sophia, No. 12
Thurgood, Ullie Gould, No. 12
Cross, Edwin Philip, No. 20
Myall, Frank, No. 22
Parker, William George, No. 24
Cotton, Arthur John, No. 26
Whipps, James, No. 28
Bird, Alfred, No. 30
Hollick, William John, No. 32
Rogers, Stephen Henry, No. 34
Baker, Samuel Walter, No. 36
Wiffen, William, No. 36
Lodge, Arthur Robert, No. 38
Baker, George John, No. 40
Lazell, Alfred, No. 42
Stanley, Charles William, No. 44
Peatfield, Ellen, No. 46

Russell, Charles Edwin, "Speedwell"
Harrison, William, "Aberaron"
Dyer, John Henry, No. 1 Hillside
Riley, Arthur, No. 2 Hillside
Symes, Edith Lily, No. 2 Hillside
King, Ernest William
Birmingham, John, Forest Villa
Austin, Edward, May Villa
Dick, Adam, Rose Cottage
Dunger, Christian, "Kingscote"
Chivers, William Bull, Bungalow
Hunt, Robert John
Brett, Thomas, Forest Lodge
Reed, Henry
Alden, John Thomas

Brown, John William, No. 1
Mason, William, No. 3
Webb, Elkanah, No. 5
Cooper, James, No. 7
Burton, George Chapman, No. 9
Hull, Edwin John, No. 11
Lazell, Arthur George, No. 13
Bass, George Rooke, No. 15
Thomas, Frederick James, No. 17
Bacon, Frederick William, No. 19
Durrant, William George, No. 21
Whipps, Dorothy Charlotte, No. 23
Adams, Margaret, No. 25
Sharp, Lily, No. 27
Hill, Ernest Edward, No. 29
Murray, James Henry, No. 31
Stevens, Luther William, No. 33
Thurgood, William, No. 35
Bennett, Benjamin, No. 37
Turnstill, William, No. 39
Swain, Stephen, No. 41
Cracknell, Joseph, No. 43
Merchant, Harry, No. 45
Rooke, John, No. 47
Durbridge, Joseph, No. 49
Durbridge, James, No. 51
Hammerton, Henry, No. 55
Bray, William, No. 57
Humphreys, Henry John, No. 59
Frost, Alan Oscar, No. 61
Fowler, William, No. 61
Huddlestone, Arthur George, No. 63
Taylor, George James, No. 65
Bailey, Daniel, No. 67
Thorogood, Henry, No. 69
Rogers, John William, No. 71
King, Nicol Thomas Nicol, No. 73 (as is)
James, Frank Horace, No. 75
Sims, James, No. 77
Saunders, Walter, No. 79
Pasfield, William, No. 81
Bennett, John, No. 81
Rooke, Frederick Arthur, No. 83
Huxter, Richard, No. 85
Hilliard, Arthur Alfred, No. 87
Hoy, William James, No. 89
Everett, Julia, No. 91
Fisher, Arthur Albert, No. 93
Harding, Edward John William, No. 95
Milbourne, Arthur, No. 97
Ling, Harry Allen, No. 99
Cansell, William, No. 101
Patrick, Arthur John, No. 103
Davies, Charles William, No. 105
Starr, Richard, No. 107
Lockwood, Samuel William, No. 109
Digby, Walter John, No. 111
Evans, Nathaniel William, No. 113
Edwards, James Henry, No. 115
Chitty, Lionel Thompson, No. 117
Simpson, Peter Hogath, Nos. 119-123
Carter, Edmund, No. 125
Mayton, Henry Edwin, No. 127
Bell, William, No. 127
Ager, Joseph John, No. 2
Vyse, Harry Phillip, No. 4
Hepher, Robert, No. 6
Frewin, Alfred Thomas, No. 8
Brook, Herbert Shaw, No. 10
Oliver, Alfred George, No. 12
James William Albert Edward, No. 14 (as is)
Cullum, Robert, No. 16
Levy, Lewis, No. 20
Norris, William Alfred, No. 22
Monk, Annie Sarah, No. 24
Gordon, Henry, No. 26
Godfrey, William Hezekiah, No. 28
Joslin, Alfred, No. 30
Murray, Margaret Jane, No. 30
White, Arthur, No. 32
Drane, Esther, No. 34
Parish, Alfred, No. 38
Day, George William, No. 40
Nickels, Percy Edw., No. 42
Hewer, Walter John, No. 44
Oliver, Charles, No. 46
Courtney, John David, No. 48
Wiffen, Charles, No. 50
Fleming, William, No. 52
Sharpe, Thomas William, No. 54
Fairman, Walter, No. 56
Hunwicks, Annie, No. 58
Pye, Sophia, No. 60
Gill, Sidney Thomas, No. 62
Harris, Charles, No. 64
Macdonald, Angus Donald, No. 66
Poole, Bert Vincent, No. 68
Bayfield, Charles Frederick, No. 70
Lamport, Fanny, No. 72
Cowlin, Walter, No. 74
Robertson, Thomas Henry, No. 76
Bradley, Louisa, No. 78
High, Ann Elizabeth, No. 80
Ottley, Charles, No. 82
Groves, James Alfred Charles, No. 86
Watts, Walter William, No. 88
Stevens, Ernest, No. 90
Chennery, Arthur, No. 92
Lizzey, Samuel Henry, No. 94
Penn, Philip George, No. 98
Strowlger, Charles William, No. 100
Westrop, David, No. 102
Langston, George Walter, No. 104
Smith, Joseph, No. 106
Keeling, Frederick, No. 108
Wenn, George Samuel, No. 110
Nunn, Arthur Henry, No. 112
Westrop, Robert, No. 114
Clark, Albert, No. 116
Patience, Henry, No. 118

GIDEA CLOSE (Gidea Park)
Willmott, George Frederick, No. 81
Cutts, Clement, No. 81

Brierley, John Griffiths, "Haredale"
Bewers, Esther Hannah, "Melrose"
Sibley, John Francis Huxley, "Abbotsford"
Richardson, Frances Louisa, "East View"

Thorogood, Herbert Edward, No. 1 Pine Villas
Harris, Couper, No. 2 Pine Vallas
Seabrook, Henry, No. 1 Ash Villas
Archer, Charles, No. 1 Ivy Villas
Porter, Thomas, No. 2 Ivy Villas
Parham, Charles, No. 7
Howes, Albert Victor, No. 8
Ripley, Isabel, No. 9
Hyde, Arthur Charles, No. 10
Everett, Henry, No. 11
Brown, Emma Elizabeth, No. 12
Isaacs, William, No. 13
Bibby, Mark, No. 14
Clark, John, No. 15
Kirkham, Charles, No. 16
King, Charles, No. 1 Ethel Villas
Spooner, Alfred, No. 3 Ethel Villas
Lutkins, James, No. 4 Ethel Villas
Tyler, John, No. 4 Ethel Villas
Bryant, James
Nicholls, Arthur
Skilton, Charles

Foulsham, Robert, No. 1
Marks, Marionne, No. 3 (as is)
Thimbleby, Agnes, No. 3
Hancock, Edward Charles, No. 5
Jeffrey, William Nelson, No. 5
Moss, George Henry, No. 7
Moss, Joseph Ebenezer, No. 9
Hollingsworth, Richard, No. 15
Cooper, Walter Charles, No. 17
Halstead, Francis, John, No. 19 (as is)
Pouter, William, No. 21
Vale, William, No. 23
Cook, Alfred William, No. 25
Carter, John, No. 25
Cox, William John, No. 27
Kittle, Lily, No. 29
Cornell, Alfred, No. 31
Wheatley, William Edward, No. 41
Nixon, Herbert, No. 41
Flack, John William, No. 43
Mann, John William, No. 45
Kittle, Frank Henry, No. 47
Bush, Charles, No. 49
Chipperfield, William, No. 71
Hanson, Dick, No. 73
Smith, Ernest Hugh, No. 75
Fletcher, Walter, No. 77
Dearman, George, No. 79
Miller, Samuel Overton, No. 81
Parker, Arthur Horace, "Glenholme"
Goodwin, Alfred Thomas, "Speedwell"
LeDieu, George Ernest, "Syringa"
Mason, William Montague, Norman Villa
Clark, Philip Henry, "Clifford"
Steel, William John, "Staverdale"
Gale, William Philip, "Meadow Croft"
Gale, Fanny Anne, No. 52
Blowers, George, No. 50
Sherlock, James, No. 48
Payne, Kate, No. 46
Hall, Frederick, No. 44
Charles, William, No. 40
Palmer, James, No. 20
Pattenden, Arthur Boorer, No. 18 (as is)
Dove, Thomas Jesse, No. 16
Oliver, James Henry, No. 14
Gilbert, James John, No. 12
Butler, Douglas Grey, No. 10
Richardson, William Charles, No. 8
Yull, Albert Edw., No. 6
Rowbury, May, No. 6
Winter, Nathan John, No. 4
Coulson, Frederick, No. 2

Parker, Ernest, No. 2
Cooper, Edward, No. 4
Bysouth, Charles John James, No. 6
Barker, John Henry, No. 8
Yeldham, William, No. 10
Smith, Ebenezer, No. 12
Emery, Ingram, No. 14
Bishop, George, No. 16
Ainsworth, Arthur William, No. 18
Fox, George, No. 80
Fisk, George Edw., No. 22
Birdseye, Ernest Victor, No. 24
White, William Henry, No. 30
Littlechild, William, No. 32
Rathmann, Louise, No. 34
Blindell, William, No. 36
Vale, Afred John, No. 38
Rondeau, George Samuel, No. 40
Warman, Frederick, No. 42
Buggs, William, No. 44
Walford, William, No. 46
Garrad, Frederick Edw., No. 48
Luck, Henry Edw., No. 50
Thomsen, Peter, No. 52
Young, Sidney Arthur, No. 54
Twyford, Thomas Waters, No. 56
Cook, John, No. 58
Day, Mary Victoria, No. 58
Calvert, Lucy, No. 60
Gentry, Edith, No. 62
White, John William, No. 64
White, Thomas, No. 66
Bell, Henry David, No. 68
White, Joseph, No. 70
White, Joseph, Rose Nurseries
Bradshaw, Albert Mayfield, No. 5
Rea, George Alfred, No. 7
Sreeves, William George, No. 9 (as is)
Bradley, William, No. 11
Edwards, Ellen Rosetta, No. 13
Hammond, Marianne, No. 15
Phillips, Daniel, No. 17

Sibthrop, Joseph, Park Lodge
Craig, James Andrew, "Tredinack"
Shirley, William, "Highlands"
De Ste. Croix, Gautur William Betram, "Kingswood"
May, William David
Hammond, John George, "Firs"
Paxton, James, Golf Lodge
Haverson, Arthur Charles Chappell, "Yverdon"
Reynolds, John, No. 1 Rose Cottages
Theobald, William David, No. 2 Rose Cottages
Sparrow, Annie, No. 3 Rose Cottages
Woodley, George Edward, "The Unicorn"
Fox, Ernest Alfred James, The Ship Cottages
Deibel, John Adam Charles, "The Ship"
Crook, Arthur, Shop
Cutler, William John, No. 1 Winmills Cottages
Perry, Harry John, No. 2 Winmills Cottages
Bridges, Walter George, No. 3 Winmills Cottages
Cooke, John Frederick Edwin, Nos. 5-6 Winmills Cottages
Finch, Herbert, No. 1 Smith's Cottages
Peatfield, Leonard, No. 2 Smith's Cottages
Willis, James, No. 3 Smith's Cottages
Bishop, Sidney Hubert, "Orthey"
Creasey, Harold, Romford Lodge
Cornell, Arthur
Harrold, Edward
Dobson, Fred Mortimer, Adelaide Cottage
Fry, Mary Ann
Edge, John, "Park Villa"
Rich, George James, "Plumpton"
Skilton, William Grant, Repton Cottage
Crew, William, Shop
Kingerley, Henry George, Shop
Trebeck, Gertrude Eliza, Shop
Peter, William James, No. 1 Meech Cottages
Moore, Kathleen Maud, No. 2 Meech Cottages
Adams, Alfred William, No. 1 Meadowcroft Cottages
Dowsett, William, No. 2 Meadowcroft Cottages
Holland, Robert, No. 3 Meadowcroft Cottages
Cooper, David, No. 2 Gage Cottages
Ratford, Walter Charles, No. 3 Gage Cottages
Miller, George, "St. Athens"
Mead, Edward, "Chestants"
Stevens, Emma, Nos. 1 and 2 Tibbs Cottages

Gledhill, Albert Edward
Parkinson, James Edward, School
Wheeler, Ernest Bostock
Harrill, Henry Albert

Snape, James, Parkside Hotel
Brown, Annie Jane, East House
Rudkins, John Bernhard
Lloyd, Ephraim Charles, "Hazelhurst"
Guymer, Robert Walter Robie, "Ivydene"
Coupe, Geoffrey, "Hainault"
Stevens, Jane Eliza, "Hainault"
Page, Ernest John, "Charleroi"
Adams Stephen Hamblyn, No. 1 Thorpe Villa (as is)
Adams, Frederick, No. 2 Thorpe Villa
French, Albert Valentine, No. 1 Millicent Villa
Sheward, Arthur Roe, No. 1 Reginald Villa
Brightwell, Walter, No. 2 Reginald Villa
Holden, Charles. Alfred, "Runnymead" (as is)
Bassett, William Walter, "Windermere"
White, Samuel, The Cottage
Newman, James, No. 1 Woodville Cottage
Adams, George, No. 2, Woodville Cottage
Moore, William Robert, Keston House
Bucknall, Elizabeth Eunice, Norfolk Villa
Smith, Thomas Dryden, No. 1 Ivy Villa
Bentley, Laurence, No. 2 Ivy Villa
Gozzard, James, No. 1 Oak Villa
Kemp, Charles, No. 2 Oak Villa
Hobday, Emily, Southfield
Roughton, George Frederick, No. 1 Parkview Villa
Jory, Arbina Grey, No. 2 Parkview Villa
Haydon-Bacon, Percy Charles, "Priests"
Oliver, Henry George, Priests Lodge
Peacock, James, Hill Foot Farm
Bradbrook, Arthur, Nos. 2-3 Lowlands
Vale, James, Glebe Cottage
Rich, Alfred, Land
Patrick, Alfred John
Tyler, William
Rider, Joseph Benjamin, "The Oaks"

Metcalf, Francis Robert, No. 1
Gay, Reeve, "Drayton"
Bright, Alfred, "Hillcrest"
Jeffes, Frederick William, "Avalon"
Pemberton, Augustus Charles, "Heathcote"
Morgan, Harry Spindler, "Tenbani"
Leggett, Thomas, "Rosedale"
Willis, Herbert Ashwell, "Ashton"
Eley, George Clement, "Jesmond"
Jones, Evan Pashley, "Llys Aroon"
Rawlings, George Newman
Clark, Percy Marshall, "Hillsboro"
Martin, Percy, "Thurleigh"
Woosman, John Foster, "Ivydene"
Woosman, Annie Irene, "Ivydene"
Ford, Walter, Maldon House
Hobday, Frederick, "Fielding"
Marchbank, William George, "Merse"
Greenhalch, Thomas W.A., "Sudbury"
Sadler, Stanley Arthur, "Park Villa"
Brent, Ernest George, "Leigh Villa"
Ruffle, Bertrand George, "Witham Villa"
Curtis, Henry Bailey, "Southend Villa"
Perrin, Sidney Alfred Walton House (as is)
Mullis, Fred, "Gorway"
Sharpe, William Charles, Clacton House
Flawn, James, "Bormoral" (as is)
Stephens, Samuel, "Copper Beeches"
Crust, Harold, "Parkhurst"
Dell, Walter, "Rothesay"
Caleman, Edwin Bryan, "Chereton"
Caisey, Thomas Joseph, Tilbury House
Wheatley, Frederick John, Burnham House
Backshell, Charles Duncan, "Lyndhurst"
Robinson, Arthur Edgar, Holly House
Clements, Frederick George, "Hawthorns"
Besant, Joseph, "Woodbine"
Sibley, William Ernest, "Eiger"
Jones, Frederick George, "Brienz"
Paul, Arthur Alexander, "Cleve"
Phillips, Albert Harry, "Bangor"
Winch, Charles William, "Mayfield"
Fisher, Emily Gertrude, "Mayfield"
Mallinson, Azeline Elizabeth, "Clancarry"
Sneezum, Alfred, "Dalcass"
Sharp, Edith May, No. 1 The Croft
Reynolds, Charlotte Eliza, No. 2 The Croft
Morey, Frederick Leonard, No. 3 The Croft
Bridges, James Lamboll (Lamboil?), No. 4 The Croft
Hooton, Arthur James, Park View Villa
Kewley, Edwin James, "Braeside"

Sulby, Francis, "The Other House"
Vincent, George Frederick
Lewis, Christian Francis
Burn, Robert Nathaniel, "Dilkoosha"
Parker, Edwin James, No. 14
Neuton, Charles Edward, No. 15
West, Emily Sarah, No. 19
Franklin, Richard, No. 22
McClare, Hugh, No. 26
Elmes, William Alfred, No. 39
Poulter, Arthur Leslie, No. 40
Wilshaw, Edward, No. 42
Gillett, Percy Thomas Robert, No. 43
Kechaldy, John, No. 45
Carnelley, Henry, No. 47
Blundell, Alfred Herbert, No. 48
Clarke, Frederick William, No. 49
Carmichael, Petro Maurice S., "Havering Dip"

Mitchell, Edward James, "Maram"
Green, Walter Robert

England, Thomas, No. 1
Selby, Leslie, No. 5
Crane, Henry Emanuel, "White Hart"
Crow, Percy James, "White Hart"
Dean, Oliver, No. 17
Packer, Henry John, No. 19
Tattersall, Gertrude Jane, No. 19
Wilson Richard Osmund Murray, No. 21 (as is)
Castle, Joseph Henry, No. 21
Balderson, William Alfred, No. 25
Bateley, Beatrice Mary, No. 27
Buckeridge, Louisa, No. 29
Lewis, Ellen Maria Elizabeth, No. 31
Wallis, Louisa, No. 33
Horwood, Ann, No. 33
Gibson, George, No. 35
Johnston, Jessie Lavinia, No. 35
Farrow, Harry, No. 37
Clark, Jessie Isabella, No. 43
Dewhurst, Herbert, No. 45
Vale, Harry, No. 47
Evans, John, No. 49
Willsmer, Samuel, No. 51
Rowswell, Harriett, No. 53
Cousins, Frederick, No. 55
Barker, Ella, No. 55
Taylor, Walter Frederick, No. 67
Jones, David, No. 69
Felstead, William, No. 73
Cakebread, Frank, No. 75
Suckling, Frederick Charles, No. 2
Benstead, Charles Edward, Nos. 4-6
Taylor, William John, No. 8
Pink, John Edward, No. 10
Pink, Mary Ann, N. 10
Pink, Clara Amelia, No. 10
Pearsons, Ernest George, No. 12
Meadmore, Thomas Digwood, No. 14
Robson, Elizabeth Mary, No. 16
Dunball, George Alfred, No. 18
Remington, William Gladstone, No. 22
Sanders, T. and J., No. 24
Blackwell, Jos. Henry, No. 26
Tidmarsh, Thaddeus John, No. 28
Fletcher, Lambert, No. 30
Watts, Leonard John, No. 32
Pettit, Henry, No. 34
Sheward, Reginald Roe, No. 36
Hart, Walter Dudley Graham, No. 38
Masel, Mark, No. 42
Chambers, Ernest Frederick, No. 42
Porritt, W. T. D., Nos. 44-46
Hale, Charles William, Nos. 44-46
Rudkin, Leonard Noel, No. 48
Poston, Charles Fletcher, Nos. 52-54
Silcocks, Alfred Harold, No. 56
Kistler, Mary, No. 58
Heffer, Henry Robert, No. 60
Myhill, Herbert Sidney, No. 62
Jarvis, Solomon, No. 64
Cuddington, John, Nos. 68-70
Crudgington, John, No. 72
Millett, Matilda, No. 74
Axon, Arthur, No. 76
Harris, Frederick Joseph, No. 80
Harding, John, No. 82
Dulley, Francis John, No. 84
Elkington, Elsie, No. 86
Parker, William Wheelan, No. 88
Whitrod, Henry William, No. 88a
Thomas, Frederick, No. 90
Church, Thomas Charles, Nos. 92-94
Clark, Archibald Cecil, No. 96

Dowsett, Charles, No. 1
Finch, Charles, No. 3
Manning, Frederic, No. 5 (as is)
McAllister, George Love, No. 7
Bannister, Walter, No. 9
Snow, John, No. 11
Setterfield, Thomas William, No. 13
Piper, Tom, No. 15
Turner, Kate, No. 17
Whitwood, Matthew, No. 19
Twinn, Arthur James, No. 21
Wilson, Alexander, No. 23
Self, William Winter, No. 25
Bishop, John, No. 27
Caleb, Septimus Ronald, No. 29
Hardingham, Samuel Harry, No. 31
Simmons, Bertie George, No. 33
Banning, Frederick George, No. 35
Miller, William Edmund, No. 37
Thrower, Anna, No. 39
Malyan, Joseph Sidney William, No. 41
Sanford, Walter Henry, No. 43
Perry, Harry James, No. 45
Milbank, William, No. 47
Bryan, George Frederick, No. 49
Wray, James, No. 51
Furr, Bertie, No. 53
Petchey, Albert, No. 55
Dawkins, Edw. Walter, No. 2
Chapman, Edward George, No. 4
Gaskins, Elizabeth, No. 6
Gundry, Clariss, No. 6 (as is)
Sault, Thomas, No. 8
Denton, Charles, No. 10
Mears, Arthur Walter, No. 12
Mott, Ernest, No. 14
Brewer, William James, No. 16
Hollowbread, Wiliam, No. 18
Piper, Albert Henry Collins, No. 20
Caton, Frederick George, No. 22
Starling, Edward Charles, No. 24
Everitt, Thomas, No. 26
Bacon, Walter, No. 28
Key, William Dundas, No. 30
Balding, Alfred, No. 32
Wicks, Robert Samuel, No. 34
Gill, George Robert, No. 36
Turner, Eliza Ann, No. 38
Hatson, Diana, No. 40
Milbank, Arthur William, No. 42
Smith, Frederick William, No. 44
Guiver, John, No. 46
Sargent, Frederick Walter, No. 48
Pearce, Edwin Augustus, "Franklyn"
Preston, Maud, "Franklyn"
Bennett, Ralph, "Iona"
Godbold, Henry William, "Boundaries"
Brooks, Charles
Owen, John
Tansley, Sydney George, "Homleigh"
Ridley, William, "East Dene"
Lever, Everitt George, "Homehurst"
Rostrow, James, "Sunnyside"
Jessop, Frederick, "Mount Ash"
Castle, John Edwin, "Brooklands"
Collett, Thomas Frederick, "Rosary"
Earthy, Sydney Ernest, "Cranmore"
Sear, Emma Clara, "St. Margarets"
Bysouth, Leonard Charles, No. 2 Riverside
Rainbird, Walter, No. 1 Riverside

JAMES PLACE (St. Andrew's Road)
Slade, John, No. 1
Isaacs, Henry, No. 2
Ashman, George, No. 4
Watling, William Ernest, No. 5
Hodge, Eliza, No. 6
Atkinson, Sarah, No. 7
Friend, Sidney, No. 8
Young, Charles, No. 9

Vellacott, William Humphrey, No. 1
Mahon, Cyril Patrick, No. 3
Venables, Alex. Lones, No. 7 (as is)
Webb, Arthur, No. 9
Hunnable, William, No. 11
Daldy, George Frederick, No. 13
James, Levi Prigee, No. 15 (as is)
Hulse, Harry Reg., No. 17
Huxham, John Turner, No. 29
Pateman, Charles, No. 31
Hunt, Francis John, No. 35
Haunton, Alfred, No. 41
Cormack, Mary Ann, No. 43
Woodcock, Harold Charles, No. 45
Carter, Charles Herbert, No. 47
Tilley, Henry James, No. 49
Busby, Jesse John, No. 49
Binks, Arthur, No. 51
Joseph, Clara, No. 55
Collier, Francis, No. 57
Killey, Emily Alice, No. 59
Page, Ruth, No. 61
Davies, John Richard Henry, No. 63
Youghin, Sarah, No. 65
Spriggs, Frances, No. 67
Smith, Louisa Elizabeth, No. 69
Barker, Mary Ellen, No. 71
Cox, Charles, No. 73
Duranty, Charles John G., No. 75
Winmill, Marie Louisa, No. 77
Marchbank, William Richard, No. 79
Christian, Arturo Vincent, No. 81
Christian, Mary Ann, No. 81
Turner, Ernest, No. 83
Griffiths, William, "Caxton"
Bell, Charles, "Bulwer"

Cook, James, No. 1
Lloyd, Enoch Gordon, No. 2
Quinn, William Henry, No. 3
Rawlinson, Joseph, No. 4
Luther, Edw. Albert, No. 5
Howell, James William, No. 6

KENSINGTON ROAD (Gloucester Terrace)
Humberston, Edward Albert, No. 1
Purchase, George, No. 3
Elliot, Tom, No. 4
Hill, Thomas Charles, No. 5
Grainger, Percy Reynolds, No. 6
Pardon, Henry, No. 7
Runacres, Henry, No. 8
Barker, George Victor Clarence, No. 9
Pendry, Arthur John, No. 10
Tatam, William, No.11
Woods, Thomas, No. 12
Seaton, Phoebe, No. 13
Taylor, George, No. 14
Scrivener, Walter George, No. 15

KENSINGTON ROAD (Wellington Terrace)
Keens, William Arthur, No. 1
Bacon, Frederick William, No. 2
Warman, Thomas William, No. 3
Scarfe, Cecil George, No. 4
Woods, William, No. 5
Chinery, Frederick William, No. 6

Ritchie, Frederick Charles, "St. Monica's"
Hewitt, Frederick Adolphus, "Engleberg"
Bromfield, James Larden, "Chellowdene"
Gill, Charles Robert, "Fairholm"
Flack, James, "Hill View"
Winter, Frederick Richard, No. 1 Richmond Villas
Pell, George Dazley, No. 2 Richmond Villas
Braund, Montague Charles, No. 1 Kingston Villas
Carter, John William, No. 2 Kensington Villas
Forster, Hugh William, "Reddencot"
Pratt, Frank Percy, "Tregie"
Medcalf, Gertrude Gordon, "Thurston"
Stephens, David Sydney, "Eley"
Skinner, James, "Holmleigh"
Hammond, Charles Werner, "Amwell"
Roberts, Alice, "Westfield"
Duranty, William Henry, "Westfield"
Smales, Gilbert Henry, "Arklow"
St. Pierre, Josiah John, "St. Cecilia"
Beamish, Frederick, "St. Cecilia"

Baldwin, Albert, No. 1
Hutt, Frank Arthur, No. 3
Hardingham, Gladys Ethel, No. 5
Guymer, Ada Alice, No. 5
Sapsford, Thomas John, No. 7
Day, John Edward, No. 9
Hayward, Walter Edwin, No. 11
Preston, Charles John, No. 13
Beale, Fanny Ann, No. 15
Champ, George Hamford, No. 17
Otter, Frank, No. 19
Sayer, Frederick William, No. 21
Muskett, William Robert Curtis, No. 23
Woodward, Albert Edward, No. 25
Greenhill, George, No. 27
Took, Ernest Arthur, No. 27
Fowler, Frank John, No. 29
Bruty, Walter William, No. 31
Burton, John Philip, No. 33
Mudd, Frank Septimus, No. 35
Dawson, Ernest Waldow, No. 37
Hewlett, Amelia Gusla, No. 69
Alston, Percy Leon, No. 41
Harwood, Henry Richard, No. 43
Harding, Anthony John, No. 45
Roughton, Percy Arthur, No. 47
Wallis, Frederick John, No. 47
Welch, Charles, No. 49
Harmon, Charles William, No. 51
Chalenor, Henry Samuel, No. 2
Hewitt, Emma, No. 4
Mumford, Sarah Ann, No. 4
Brown, Thomas Henry, No. 6
Roper, Florence, No. 8
Spurgeon, Harry, No. 10
Watts, Louisa, No. 10
Jones, Thomas, No. 12
Potter, Arthur Charles, No. 14
Hadland, Edward Henry, No. 16
Heard, Charles Thomas, No. 18
Bacon, Edgar, No. 20
Gilbert, Frederick, No. 22
Spriggs, Fanny Elizabeth, No. 24
Rydotrum, Elizabeth Mary, No. 26

Harvey, George Jonathan, No. 1
Corbell, Alfred Stuart, No. 3
Bardsley, Frances Beatrice, No. 13
Barker, Harriet, No. 15
Steele, Edw. Albert, No. 17
Stanton, Alfred George, No. 2
Pick, James George, No. 4
Cole, Frederick William, No. 6
Banks, Annie Eliza, No. 10
Foster, Charles Arthur, No. 12
Fowler, Christopher Charles, No. 14
Owen, Francis Ernest, No. 16
Box, Alfred Ernest, No. 18
Bradford, Kate Isabel, No. 20
Allam, Frank, No. 22
Hitch, Percy Charles, No. 24

Harris, Abraham, No. 6
Wells, Leonard Mead, No. 2
Rich, Archibald, Ivy Lodge
Barker, Walter, "Belmont"
Page, Henry James, No. 16
Hignell, Sidney James, No. 17
Stone, Charles William, No. 18
Wildman, John Harrison, No. 19
Hayes, John Muray, No. 24
Hewitt, Stanley George, No. 25
Starr, Charles, No. 21
Gale, Henry John, No. 23

Green, Mary Jane, No. 1
Stevenson, Jessie Isabella, No. 3
Phillips, Sidney William, No. 5
Pryke, Emma, No. 6
Vullinger, Frank, No. 6
Wilkins, Nathaniel Deeley, No. 16
Crease, James Henry, "Bungalow"
Reed, Frank, "Cotswold"

Trott, James John, No. 1
Buckworth, Sydney Benjamin, No. 2
Robeson, Sydney, No. 3
De Landre-Grogan, Leon Victor St. Patrick, No. 3 (as is)
Simpson, Thomas, No. 4
Brabant, Charles Lawrence, Nos. 5, 6, 7
Hammond, May Elizabeth

Candler, Christopher, No. 1
Sealy-Bell, Eric Templeton, No. 2
Chapman, Leslie Charles, No. 3
Weston, Percy James, No. 4
Brookebank, John James, "Rylston"
Chambers, Elizabeth Sarah "Hazeldene"
Chambers, James Henry "Hazeldene"
Wheeler, Frank Collins, "Ivydene"
Poston, Herbert, "Ellesmere"
Newton, William George, 6 Linden-ter (as is - short for Linden Terrace??)
Moir, William, 5 Linden-ter
Swain, Charles Henry, 4 Linden-ter
Dowsing, Sidney John, 3 Linden-ter
How, Edgar James, 2 Linden-ter
Reeve, Daniel, 1 Linden-ter

Betts, Alfred, Crown Farm
Biggs, Gideon, "Lowlands"
Biggs, Alfred Maurice, "Lowlands"
Hubbard, William, No. 1 Crown Cottages
Smith, David Jafus No. 2 Crown Cottages
Jackson, John, No. 3 Crown Cottages
Kempster, Henry John, No. 4 Crown Cottages
Graves, William Sterndale, No. 2
Cousins, Frederick, No. 4
Stebbins, William, No. 6
Wood, George Robert, No. 8
Cooper, Edward Ernest, No. 10
Pack, Emma, No. 12
Moore, Arthur, No. 14
Norman, George, No. 16
Wood, Bertie William, No. 18
Clark, Charles, No. 20
Hadden, Martha, No. 20
Meanley, Alice, No. 20
Copsey, Stephen Frank, No. 92
Pipe, John Thomas, No. 94
Reynolds, Arthur William, 96
Moss, Edwin, No. 98
Webster, Thomas, No. 100
Patmore, George Hellen, No. 102
Page, Robert, No. 134
Page, Archibald Septimus, No. 134
Hitchborn, Annie, No. 134
May, Florence Mary, No. 136
Prior, William, No. 138
Smith, Bernard Carter, No. 140
Tetchner, Sarah, No. 142
Honeybell, Emily, No. 144
Smith, Nathan Charles, No. 146
Unwin, Henry, No. 148
Patterson, Albert Edw., No. 150
Robison, William Thomas, No. 152
Parker, George Albert, No. 154
Parker, Caroline Maggie, No. 154
Green, Arthur Henry, No. 156
Green, Sarah Maria, No. 156
Norton, James, No. 158
Taylor, Amelia Mary, No. 160
Flight, Walter, No. 162
Daniels, Walter, No. 164
Turner, Joseph Frederick, No. 166
Joslin, George, No. 168
Pond, Alice, No. 168
Claydon, Charles, No. 170
Hines, David, No. 172
Stevens, Benjamin, No. 174
Took, Leonard, No. 176
Alderson, Harold, No. 182
Purser, Walter, No. 184
Wilson, Blanche Gertrude, No. 192
Perry, George William, No. 194
Starr, Ada, No. 196
Griggs, Charles French, No. 198
Coppin, Walter George, No. 200
Eggleton, Helen Eliza, No. 202
Chiney, Arthur, No. 204
Garnham, Laurence Henry, No. 206
Bowditch, George William, No. 208
Crossley, Saul Chambers, No. 210
Carlick, Annie Marie, No. 212
Hornblower, John George, No. 214
Nunn, George Ernest, No. 216
Claydon, James, No. 218
Spooner, William Roberts, No. 220
Ince, Frederick, No. 222
Wynch, William, No. 222
Liddle, Mary Ann, No. 224
Lucas, Alfred, No. 226
Butcher, George, No. 228
Jenkins, Richard Thomas, No. 230
Osborn, Frank, No. 232
Bullman, Thomas, No. 234
Baskerville, Stanley, No. 256
Ellis, Joseph, No. 262
Ellis, Joseph, No. 264 (not a repeat)
Lilley, Emma, No. 266
Emberson, Henry Frank, No. 268
Corder, Arthur John, No. 270
Bowditch, Walter, No. 272
Pryke, Anna, No. 274
Vale, John, No. 276
Raymond, Harry, No. 280
Patience, Robert, No. 282
Smith, Mary, No. 284
Saggers, Thomas, No. 286
Beard, William Edwin, No. 288
Goodhead, Susan, No. 290
Warren, James William, No. 292
Tyler, Walter Hubert, No. 294
Johnson, George, No. 296
Gardner, Kate, No. 298
Wood, Jane, No. 300
Yull, James Edward, New Mill
Wilcox, John, No. 3
Keen, Joseph Thomas, No. 7
Pasterfield, Alfred, No, 9
Cumberland, James, No. 11
Burrell, Henry James, No. 13
Balls, Mark, No. 15
White, Frederick, No. 17
Jarvis, Alfred, No. 19
Wainwright, Arthur George, No. 21
Bensted, John Robert, No. 23
Brooks, Frederick, No. 25
Featherstone, Peter, No. 31
Hilton, William, No. 35
Ottley, Herbert Peter, Nos. 37-39
Curtis, Percival, No. 41
Randall, James Abraham, No. 43
Newman, Frank, No. 45
Ottley, Frederick Charles, No. 47
Moffatt, Walter George, No. 49
Pitch, Ellen, No. 53
Saich, Esther, No. 55
Smith, Joseph, No. 57
Taylor, Aquila, No. 59
Saggers, Thomas, No. 61
Bennett, William, No. 63
Oliver, Elizabeth, No. 65
Hobbs, Thomas Robert, No. 67
Church, Albert Henry, No. 67
Webb, Frederick, No. 69
Hawkins, Henry John, No. 71
Forder, Thomas William, No. 73
Cross, Frank, No. 75
Brooks, Henry William, No. 77
Peart, Horace Walter, No. 79
Bush, Clifford, "Lock Goil"
Clifton, Mary Frances, "The Cottage"
Mitchell, Henry Bateman, "Eastbury"
Corder, William Edward, Eastbury Lodge
Hunwicks, Percy Louis, No. 1 Norfolk Parade
Potter, Alexander, No. 2 Norfolk Parade,
Cook, Harry, No. 3 Norfolk Parade
Dunton, Thomas Flower, No. 4 Norfolk Parade
Watson, Herbert Richmond, "The Bungalow"
Nunn, Sophia Ann, No. 1 Park Cottages
Legg, William Henry, No. 2 Park Cottages
Beaumont, Christopher, No. 3 Park Cottages
Corder, George, No. 4 Park Cottages
White, Maurice, Park Farm

Barker, Joseph, No. 1
Harris, William John, Salem House
Beckwith, George
Buggs, Albert, No. 2
Staines, Bertie Joseph, No. 3
White, Alfred, No. 4
Woodrow, Sarah Jane, Nos. 7-8
Miller, George, No. 9
Beecroft, James Edward, Nos. 5-6

Evans, Harry, "Inglethorpe"
Wilkins, Letitia Gertrude, "Inglethorpe"
Hill, Ethel Constance, "Inglethorpe"

Hammond, Joseph Samuel, Hill House
Pemberton, Marion Arabella, "Allendale"
Upward, Harold Arthur, "Edfou"
Stone, Leonard Fred, "Strathmore"
Hannan, Thomas, Hill House
Wright, Sanuel Reginald, "Ditchett"
Hunt, Mary Ann Emily, "Bystock"
Bryant, Edward, Harold Wood Hall
Hyde, Luke, Cottage
Puncher, Margaret, Cottage
Austin, Henry Peter, "Warrens"
Mallinson, John Percy, New Hall
Allsop, Henry Thomas, Cottage
Steward, William, Cottage
Watt, Hugh, Cottage
Hollick, Henry, No. 1 Gooshayes Cottages
Carlick, Adam, No. 2 Gooshayes Cottages
Dyer, Conrad Montague, Gresham Lodge
Taylor, Christopher Oliver, 1 Oak Villas
Bullard, Frank Edward, 2 Oak Villas
Robson, George
Tyler, Walter
Wheeler, Reuben Albert, 1 Hill Cottages
Hasler, Herbert Eustace, 2 Hill Cottages
Shaw, Divey, 3 Hill Cottages
Rawlings, Alfred, 4 Hill Cottages
Scriven, Edward, "The Elms"
Wood, Alfred Daniel, Elm Lodge
Bell, George Milner, Rev., The Vicarage
Wilson, Percival William, "Estcourt"
Porter, Arthur, "Normanhurst"
Bailey, William, "Harefield"
Wright, Alfred, "Mountsorrell"

Chambers, Gertrude, No. 3
Hyett, William Henry, No. 5
Parker, Frederick Wilton, No. 7
Hamley, Herbert, No. 11
Davis, Albert Edward, No. 13
Davis, Florence, No. 13
Nicholls, Lydia Jane, No. 15
Pryke, Isaac John, No. 17
Leith, Arthur, No. 19
Clark, Peter, No. 21
White, Sophia Mary, No. 23
White, Susan Margaret, No. 23
Hill, William Louis, No. 25
Haywood, Resesua, No. 25 (as is)
King, Charles Thomas, No. 27
Bowtle, William, No. 29
Goodall, Thomas Walter, No. 31
Womack, Anna Jane, No. 33
French, Alice, No. 39
Crawley, Caroline Maria, No. 41
Robins, Frederic, No. 43
Silligant, Alfred, No. 45
Stevenson, George Clark, No. 47
Rickman, Arthur, No. 49
Colyer, Albert Edward, No. 51
Goodchild, William, No. 53
Goodchild, Eliza, No. 53
Smith, Annie, No. 53
Jacobs, Albert William, No. 55
Elliman, Ernest Arthur, No. 57
Mason, Raymond Henry, No. 59
Childs, John, No. 61
Saw, Edith, No. 59
Searle, William James, No. 2
Manley, Marion Eleanor, No. 2
Jones, Mary, No. 2
Stagg, Emily, No. 4
Parker, Robert James, No. 6
Triebner, Frederick Charles, No. 8
Dick, James, No. 10
Lingham, Henry, No. 16
Wade, William Foster, No. 18
Barrett, Jabez., No. 20
Bloomfield, Charles, No. 22
Harvey, Isaac Jonathan, No. 24
Barnard, Samuel Clift, No. 26
Hammond, Frederick Pain, No. 30
Lee, Frederick James Edwin, No. 32
Tattersall, Emily Ellen, No. 34
Durrant, Florence, No. 36
Meggy, Frederick Arthur, No. 38
Gilbey, Kate, No. 40
Corns, Francis Albert, No. 42
Waldock, Arthur Charles, No. 44
Moore, Thomas William, No. 46
Disney, Henry Philip, No. 48
Newman, Robert Alexandra, No. 50
Vale, Alfred George, No. 52
Wallis, Louisa, No. 52
Mumford, Catherine, No. 54
Beere, William Charles, No. 56
Page, James William, No. 58

MAPLE ROAD (Mawneys)
Bush, Henry George, No. 1
Stanley, William Charles, No. 2

Pitt, Herbert William, No. 1
Phillips, Emma, No. 3
Bedford, George Henry, No. 5
Eldred, Henry Thomas, No. 7
Wells, George John, No. 9
Gold, Alfred James, No. 11
Nunn, Walter, No. 13
Hedger, Emma Louie Annie, No. 15
Woodhouse, Benjamin, No. 17
Sams, Charles, No. 2
Edgecombe, William Alfred, No. 4
Moore, John, No. 6
Schmidt, Rachel Amelia, No. 8
Campbell, Alexander John, No. 10
Stannard, William Samuel, No. 12
King, James William, No. 14
Seymore, Lily Harriet, No. 16
Brett, William, No. 18
Hale, Joseph Romford, No. 18
Starling, William, No. 20
Boman, Thomas Arthur, No. 22
Johnson, Vernon William, No. 24

Austin, Robert Charles, No. 1
James, William Kirk, No. 3
Collicott, Rose, No. 5
Adams, Sydney William, No. 7
Wadley, Henry, Nos. 9-11
Upton, Cecil Charles, No. 13
Pomphrey, Charles John, No. 15
Wier, Frederick James, No. 17
Southworth, Herbert Thomas, No. 19
Castle, John Edward, No. 21
Darke, Frank Vodden, No. 23
Finch, George, No. 25
Reynolds, Charles Peter, No. 25
Wortley, Joseph William, No. 27
Mayes, William Henry James, No. 27
Yull, Alfred Samuel, No. 29
Yull, Alfred Thomas, No. 29
Yull, Caroline, No. 29
Porter and Crust, Messrs., Solicitors, No. 31
Williamson, William George, "The Armoury"
Gaylor, William, No. 35
Stone, Elizabeth, No. 35
Wright, Benjamin James, No. 37
Braund, John Albert, No. 39
Porter, George Lanham, No. 39
Field, Samuel Wintal, No. 43
Brooks, Edward, No. 45
Frostick, Matilda, No. 45
Steele, George Henry James, No. 47
Richardson, Charles James, No. 49
King, Frederick, No. 51
Carey, William George, No. 53
Dance, Daniel, No. 55-57
Adams, William, No. 59
Rich, Alfred, No. 61
Fox, Charles Edward, No. 63
Finch, William, No. 65
Thompson, Alice Annie, No. 67
Frostick, Arthur, No. 71
Frostick, Joseph Edward, Nos. 73-75
Offin, Albert Wallis, No. 79
Davey, Abraham, No. 79
Bury, William, No. 81
Sawyer, John, No. 130
Threader, William Henry, No. 128
Metson, Amelia, No. 126
Spicer, Joseph, No. 124
Tredget, William John, No. 122
Grout, Edward Charles, No. 120
Sturgeon, Frederick James, No. 118
Hammond, Clara, No. 116
Jex, Alfred Edward, No. 112
Jeffkins, Albert, No. 110
Reed, Samuel Taylor, No. 108
Sibley, Harry, Nos. 104-106
Lane, Albert Wakefield, No. 102
Newby, Ada Elizabeth, No. 100
Stevens, John George, No. 98
Finley, Maria, No. 98
Bingham, Charlotte, No. 98
Jackson, Alice Dixon, No. 98
Starling, David, No. 96
Hoare, Martin Egbert, The Retreat
Pearl, Sarah Ann, The Retreat
Pearl, Jessie May, The Retreat
Moore, William Towers, No. 94
Major, John, No. 92
Aylett, Ralph Hamilton, Nos. 88-90
March, Sarah, No. 86
Winhall, Philip, No. 84
Jarvis, John Henry, Nos. 80-82
Hancock, William James, No. 78
Rich, Charles, No. 76
Burton, Arthur, No. 74
Payne, Anthony, No. 72
McChlery, Robert, No. 70
Craig, John James, Nos. 66-68
Selby, Albert, No. 64
Hunt, Frank, No. 1 Bourne's Yard
Argent, Emily Elizabeth, No. 2 Bourne's Yard
Turner, John, No. 3 Bourne's Yard
Copsey, Frederick John, No. 58
Lawrence, Edmund Seaman, No. 56
Humphrey, Harry, No. 54
Norris, Frank Percy, Nos. 52-50
Wallis, Benjamin, No. 48
Long, Thomas Hawkins, Nos. 46-44
Arch, John Bentley, Nos. 42-38
Bentley, Jessie, No. 36
Bentley, Leslie Firth, No. 36
Kemp, George Alfred, No. 34
March, Charles Seymour, No. 32
Moss, Rosa Frances, No. 30
Steeples, William Stanley, No. 28
Hearn, George, No. 26
Wheatley, Oscar, Nos. 22-20
Mason, John, No. 18

Sparrow, Samuel, No. 1
Copsey, George Collier, No. 3
Mason, Lucy, No. 5
Ridgwell, George Arthur, No. 7
Wood, William James, No. 9
Jordan, Walter John, No. 9
Long, William James, No. 11
Carter, Charles William, No. 13
Ridgewell, Richard, No. 15
Rolfe, John, No. 17
Lucking, William, No. 19
Bingham, William, No. 21
Unwin, Walter, No. 23
Dryne, James, No. 25
Savill, William, No. 27
Harris, Charles Frederick, No. 29
Copsey, Sydney Arthur, No. 31
Mason, George, No. 33
Gunn, William, No. 35
Ayles, William Percy, No. 37
Hill, Henry, No. 39
Miles, George Edwin, No. 41
Miles, Edwin John, No. 41
Wallis, Noel John, No. 43
Mann, Thomas, No. 45
Jackson, Frederick William, No. 47
Clifford, Charles, No. 51
Potter, Samuel George, No. 53
Howe, James, No. 55
Bonny, Harriet, No. 57
Wilsher, William, No. 59
Wilding, Robert Arthur, No. 61
Harvey, Frederick John, No. 63
Wilsher, Charles Arthur, No. 63
Nunn, William John, No. 65
Clark, John William, No. 67
Carless, Henry William Ernest, No. 69
Hall, Frank, No. 71
Watling, Charles, No. 71
Astell, James, No. 73
Cooper, Alfred, No. 75
Braybrook, Henry, No. 77
Ghost, Benjamin William, No. 79
Crockett, George, No. 81
Lilley, Arthur, No. 83
Clarke, William Henry, No. 85
Seply, Selina, No. 87
Matthews, Florence, No. 87
Martin, Thomas, No. 89
Ramsey, William John, No. 91
Lodge, William, No. 93
Wunderly, Alexander Blackwood, No. 95
Stevens, William Joseph, No. 97
Meloy, John, No. 99
Oakley, Henry John, No. 101
Aylett, William, No. 103
Bennett, Luke William, No. 105
Carter, Ernest Edw., No. 105
Bennett, William Thomas, No. 107
Alabaster, Alberta Teresa, No. 109
Cockerton, Arthur, No. 111
Ridgwell, James, No. 113
Viennois, Richard, No. 115
Newman, William Henry, No. 117
Wood, Mary, No. 117
Sarling, Walter John, No. 119
Silverside, Henry Jos., No. 121
Aylett, Bert Maurice, No. 123
Cowland, Albert John, No. 125
Capon, Frederick James, No. 127
Folkard, Harry James, No. 129
Aldborough, William, No. 131
Gerrard, Joeph, No. 133
Burrows, Samuel, No. 135
Stedman, George, No. 135
Elsdon, Henry, No. 137
Bragg, David, No. 139
Milbourne, John Arthur, No. 141
Millbank, Gert. Mary, No. 143
Fitch, Stephen John, No. 145
Stone, James, No. 147
Hardy, Emily, No. 149
Boreham, David, No. 151
Prior, Herbert Henry, No. 53
Read, Arthur, No. 155
Urquhart, John, No. 155 (as is)
Ratcliffe, Shadrack, No. 157
Volkman, Henry Lewis Frederick, No. 159
Grimwood, William, No. 161
Meekings, Martha, No. 163
Lee, Stephen, No. 165
Lanceley, Charles Joseph, No. 167
Weston, Arthur, No. 169
Hawkins, Elizabeth, No. 171
Bull, Harry Herbert, No. 173
Bond, James, No. 175
Ede, James, No. 177
Webster, Louisa Maud, No. 177
Millbank, Joeph, No. 179
Rimington, Thomas, No. 181
Crisp, James, No. 183
Smith, Emily Mary, No. 185
Parker, Joseph Henry, No. 187
Meekings, Bob, No. 189
Tite, Mary Ann, No. 189
Narroway, Henry, No. 191
Davis, Leonard Ernest, No. 193
Moynau, George, No. 195
Burnett, William M'Crae, No. 197
Clark, William Joseph Watmough, No. 199
Jackson, Frederick, No. 201
Hawkes, Walter Charles, No. 203
Linden, Elizabeth, No. 205
Cross, Agnes Elizo, No. 205 (as is)
Petts, George, No. 207
Butcher, Arthur, No. 211
Thompson, Edward, No. 213
Hollick, John, No. 215
Potter, Bertie Charles, No. 217
Tarbun, Samuel, No. 219
Binks, Elizabeth Ann, No. 219
Dutton, Alfred, No. 221
Dutton, Frederick, No. 221
Hampshire, John William, No. 223
Puncher, George Harry, No. 225
Shand, Malcolm, No. 227
Key, James Henry, No. 229
Bexfield, Harold Thomas, No. 231
Maules, Walter, No. 233
Pepper, Ernest George, No. 235
Thwaites, William Henry, No. 237
Aldous, Alfred, No. 239
Yarmouth, James, No. 241
Creasey, William George, No. 243
Stone, Emily Ann, No. 245
Dodwell, Leonard, No. 247
Vale, George, No. 249
Bartholomew, Thomas William, No. 251
Johnson, Thomas Charles, No. 253
Halls, Mary Ann, No. 253
Shrimpton, Joseph, No. 255
Alabaster, Roger George, No. 257
Booty, George, 1 Ore Villas
Ryle, Henry, 2 Ore Villas
Rich, Walter Albert, No. 4
Foster, John, No. 6
Webb, Percy Ernest, No. 8
Spratt, Henry James, No. 10
Bannister, Arthur, No. 12
Potter, Thomas Charles, No. 14
Toms, William George Henry, No. 20
Ramsey, Henry, No. 22
Passfield, George, No. 24
Hope, David William, No. 26
Siggers, George, No. 28
Cast, Charles Edward, No. 30
Cudmore, John, No. 32
Joyes, Alfred, No. 34
Tyler, Walter Robert, No. 36
Richards, William, No 38
Johns, Charlotte, No. 40
Rickwood, Robert, No. 40
Greenwood, Emma, No. 42
Willcock, John, No. 44
Munt, Thomas James, No. 46
Fordham, Robert, No. 48
Bradley, George, No. 50
Berge, Charles William, No. 52
Wilkings, George, No. 54
George, Alfred Charles, No. 56
Edwards, Alice Maria, No. 58
Smith, John Thomas, No. 58
Claydon, Robert, No. 60
Craig, Elijah James William, No. 62
Genning, Alfred charles, No. 64
Watling, William, No. 66
Webber, Frederick
Linsell, William George, No. 102
Patience, James, No. 104
Young, Frederick, No. 104
Noble, Jane, No. 106
Flaxman, Frederick John, No. 106
Anderson, Richard No. 108
Linsell, Ernest, No. 108
Playle, Annie, No. 110
Frost, Frederick, No. 110
Barlow, James Arthur
Chambers, George
Briant, Ernest Arthur, No. 96
Thorogood, Frederick, No. 98
Gardener Roseabell, No. 100
Edwards, Charles, No. 100
Milton, William, No. 102
Harper, Emma May, No. 112
Tuckey, George Arthur, No. 112
Page, Margaret Jane, No. 114
Greg, Edward Lionel, No. 114
Chopping, Elizabeth, No. 116
Arnold, Martha Ann, No. 118
Wheal, Walter, No. 250
Anderson, Thomas, No. 252
Fenton, Herbert, No. 256

Porter, James Meads, No. 34
Sturgess, John James,No. 36
Haskell, Bernard William, No. 38
Bowers, William, No. 40
Shea, Henry Anthony, No. 42
Turner, John, No. 44
Bridger, George, No. 46
Ing, William Henry, No. 98
Sibthorpe, William James, No. 96
Harvey, James Burles, No. 94
Cross, Edward James, No. 92
Gooding, Charles, No. 90
Amos, Thomas George, No. 88
Davis, Edward, No. 86
Vaughan, Ann, No. 84
Dawson, Ann Clarke, No. 82
Hall, Frederick Richard, No. 80
Wyman, Joseph William, No. 78
Chilvers, Eliza Jane, No. 76
Pharoah, Herbert Alfred, No. 74
Webb, George Ernest, No. 32
Sheffield, Edgar Rhudolph, No. 30 (as is)
Dixon, Edward Albert, No. 28
Rose, Emily Elizabeth, No. 28
Hennegan, John, No. 26
Payne, Alfred Anthony, No.24
Rankin, Harry, No. 22
Wileman, Edwin Grist, No. 20
Parmenter, Henry Charles, No. 20
Hayward, Walter, No. 18
Nicholls, Arthur Ernest, No. 16
Parfitt, William, No. 14
Cooper, James Mark, No. 12
Arrow, James, No. 10
Hilton, James, Off Licence
Kettendge, William Henry, No. 15
Wilson, Thomas William, No. 17
Askew, Alfred James, No. 21
Bibbing, Thomas, No. 23
Judd, Harry Thomas, No. 25
Leach, John Austin, No. 27
Hartley, Percival, No. 29
Runacres, George Samuel, No. 31
Edgley, John Clarke, No. 33
Dye, Albert Edward, No. 37
Chapman, James, No. 41
Wedge, James, No. 43
Wedge, William, No. 43
Clayden, Charles Thomas, No. 45
Batley, Thomas, No. 47
Stringer, William John, No. 49
White, Henry, No. 91
Carman, Herbert William, No. 95
Ball, Charles Henry, No. 97
Wiseman, Walter John, No. 99
Abbott, George, No. 101
Part, Charles, No. 103
Cauldier, Carlette, No. 105
Allsop, Robert Peter, No. 107
Beach, Albert William, No. 109
Blane, Edward, No. 111
Scanlan, Hannah, No. 113
Harding, John Louis, No. 129a
Nichollas, William George, No. 129b
Hardcastle, George, No. 131a
Heath, Frederick, No. 133a
Port, Alice, No. 133b
Wilson, Albert Edward, No. 135a
Savage, William, No. 135b
Clarke, Ellen
Richardson, Henry
Outten, Joseph
Richardson, Emma
Colyer, Herbert Ernest
Wells, Samuel William, "Highfields"
Tyler, Charles William, "Field Cottage"
Jennings, Samuel, Gordon Farm

Cundell, John, No. 1
Culling, William James, No. 3
Wilson, Charles Ackrill, No. 5
Mackay, Ernest Percival, No. 7
West, George, No. 17 (as is)

Davis, Samuel, No. 1 Mawney Villas
Whayman, Ernest Edw., No. 2 Mawney Villas
Hicks, Henry, "Coniston"
Willis, Charles Reeves, "Fairview"
Joysey, Emma Arabella, "Fairview"
Porritt, William John Denham, Alpine Villa
Somerville, Richard Newman, Holly House
Watson, Alexander Strachan, Holly House
Axon, Arthur, Ivy House
Castle, John Edw., Ivy House
Parish, Alfred, "Morville"
Hards, William, "Sandyford"
Hutchens, Ellen Emily, "Sandyford"
Green, Henry Charles, The Baths
Mason, Henry, Ely House
Brock, Herbert Norman, Blouse Factory
Knowles, Edwin James, Shelton House
Todd, Daniel Hewitt, "Brokenhurst"
Bower, William Morris, "Kenmore"
Sheward, John Clark, "Darenth"
Ephgrave, Frank Percival, Matlock House
Small, Thomas Henry, Halstead House
Bassett, John "Fernleigh"
Strange, William "Christiana"
Goodwin, Frederick, "Rosina"
Pratt, Reginald Robert, "Roseneath"
Parker, Herbert Samuel, "Homestead"
Chandler, Mark, "Beechcroft"
Ashby, Francis William, "Belmont"
Orford, Charles Richard, "Dingle Dell"
Lilley, Albert, "Nieuport"
Holliday, John Richard, "Muirfield"
Frazer, Frederick Thomas, "Trefusis"
Sawyer, William, Stafford House
Briscomb, Edward Albany, "Mascot"
Corner, Alice Ashton, No. 8
Richardson, George, Nos. 10-12
Maslen, Henry, No. 14
Barrow, William, No. 16
Coates, Frederick Thomas, Nos. 18-20
Chambers, George Charles, No. 22
Stevens, William, No. 24
Dowsing, James Everett, No. 26
Dowsing, Edgar, No. 26
Smith, Reginald Harold, No. 28
Gross, Charles, No. 30
Kneen, Ernest Gilbert, Rev., No. 32
Ryan, Mary Clair, No. 34
Ryan, Kathleen Mary Joseph, No. 34 (as is)
Everard, Frank Joseph, No. 36
Parbery, Thomas, No. 38
Bailey, George Randall, No. 40
Wyatt, Arthur John, Tower House
Clarke, Richard, "Mawney's Arms"
Jones, Walter Francis, No. 2 Montrose Villas
Lawes, Edgar James, "Albertville"
Davey, Alfred Thomas
Marden, Howard, Elizabeth Villa
Ridewood, Charles Albert, "Empress"
Beck, Edward, "Ingleside"
Burrell, Llewellyn, "Allandale"
Nichols, George Frederick, Bure Cot (as is)
Lotcho, Isaac Henry, "Belaugh"
Knight, Charles John Henry, Widford Lodge
Reid, Irvine, "Laurels"
Hitch, Osmond Frank, Haydon House
Rustling, Edmund, Rev., "Holgan"
Fern, Henry Augustus, "Fernside"
Morris, Alfred Ernest, "Soham"
O'Brien, James, "St. David's"
Taylor, Peter John
Mauldice, Herbert Henry, "Melford"
Tuff, Arthur Robert, Stort House
Griggs, Harry Hammond, "St. Leonards"
Griggs, Herbert Norman, "St. Leonards"
Ball, Arthur, "St. Margaret's"
Logue, Arthur, "Waverley"
Prior, Henry, Myrtle House
Key, Percy John, "Callington"
Ashton, Albert William, "St. Bernard"
Oliver, Benjamin, "Claremont"
Walters, Arthur, "Beeches"
Long, George, Thelma House
Taylor, John Burton, Tilston House
Walford, Theodore, "Lilleshall"
Dumbreck, Alexander Lister, "Poplars"
Worrell, Henry, "Hawthorns"
Pratchett, Thomas Edward, "The Limes"
Archer, Thomas, Cottage
Carstairs, James Robert, No.1 Adelaide Terrace
Barton, Frederick John, No. 2 Adelaide Terrace
Launder, Walter Henry, No. 3 Adelaide Terrace
Cockerton, Charles, No. 4 Adelaide Terrace
Jones, Grace Mary, 4 Adelaide Terrace
Braybrook, Frederick, No. 5 Adelaide Terrace
Brennan, James, No. 6 Adelaide Terrace
Jones, Henry Thomas, Longfleet House
Carr, Edward Ralph, "River Cottage"
Pool, Herbert Frederick
Bodell, William Edward
Wyatt, Albert Edw., "Fermain"
Bousefield, Harold, "Thetford"
Friend, George William, "Branksome"
Thompson, Horace, A. N., "Mutley"
Godfrey, Charles  Smith, "Cummis Coy" (as is)
Martin, Herbert Edward, "Bacton"
Maynard, Henry Samuel, "Sunnyside"
Lloyd, Lydia Jane
Puttman, Arthur William
Lloyd, George
Moore, Ernest Frederick, "The Bungalow"
Brett, Eliza Jane, "Homeland"
Kohring, Walter
Walker, Alfred
Windett, Horace Walter
Bucksey, James Richard, "Grasmere"
James, Richard John, "Inislioge"
Chivers, Thomas Stanley, "Rostrevor"
Sussams, William Charles, "Glengariff"
Ives, Charles Henry, "Westwood"
Vernall, William George
Charlton, Arthur Stanley, "Mayville"
Mayhew, Edwin Barfield, "Wroxham"
Lancaster, Thomas Edgar, "Speranza"
Jackson, Herbert Thomas, No. 2 Coming Terrace
Wilson, Albert Henry, No. 1 Coming Terrace
Couple, Frederic William, "Yarside"

MEADWAY (Gidea Park)
White, William, No. 2
Mousley, Arthur, No. 4
Fleet, Harry, No. 8
Gallichan, Walter Matthew, No. 10
Evans, Hugh Richman, No. 12
Day, Eric Earle Belline, No. 16
Walsworth, Henry Frederick Clifton, No. 18
Miller, George William, No. 20
Bellew, Bertram Arthur, No. 22
Roche, Louis Antonni, No. 28
James, Herbert, No. 30
Randall, Percy Charles, No. 32
Branden, Waldo Edw., No. 34
Hasler, George, No. 36
Hodgson, John Purvis, No. 1
Looker, Eliza Gladys Dorothy, No. 3
Swinburne, Theodore Robert, No. 7
Boutwood, George Henry, No. 9
Vining, Willoughby Lancelot, No. 11
Edwards, William, No. 21
Copping, Grey Middleton, No. 23
Slagg, George, No. 25
Cooper, Thomas Haydon, No. 27
Heard, Eric, No. 29
Thompson, Ernest Stuart, No. 31
O'Conner, Daniel Stephen, No. 33
Shaw, Edward St. Laurence, No. 35

Morgan, Elizabeth Mary, No. 2
Stone, Kate, No. 2
Ridge, Minnie, No. 4
Innes, Edward Oswald, No. 8
Elliott, Arthur, No. 10
Partridge, George, No. 12
Carter, Walter Robert, No. 14
Hunt, John Lane Ambrose, No. 16
Peek, Eliza, No. 16
Brown, Henrietta Emma, No. 18
Jenkinson, William Russell, No. 20
Farren, Johnson, No. 24
Beverley, Faithful Matilda, No. 26
Leming, Leonard Hiam, No. 26
Clark, John, No. 28
Taylor, Albert James, No. 28
Goldsmith, Benjamin, No. 30
Hoare, Ann Clara Afflet, No. 30
Rutherford, John Thomas, No. 3
Bowers, Charles Harvey, No. 5
Lewis, William Bedford, No. 9
Grant, Mary Anne, No. 11
Parker, William, No. 17
Marston, Frederick, No. 19
Burrus, William, No. 21
Sanders, Owen Walter Joseph, No. 23

Stephens, Clara Jane, No. 1
Pond, Frederick John, No. 2
Smith, William, No. 3
Smith, Arthur Frederick, No. 4
Ottley, Robert George, No. 5
Thompson, John Edw., No. 6
Holmes, Emma, No. 7

Fitch, Mary Ann, No. 1
Fitch, William, No. 1
Williams, James, No. 5
Falloon, Eva, No. 5
Thomas, Sarah Ann, No. 7
Gray, Albert Victor, No. 9
Canham, Edward Henry, No. 11
Smith, John, No. 13
Bulling, Alfred William, No. 13
Lashbrook, William Henry, No. 15
Parker, Walter, No. 17
Catchpole, Walter Samuel, No. 19
Pharoah, John Henry, No. 31
Loy, William Victor, No. 33
Reed, William Henry, No. 35
Carter, George Thomas, No. 37
Smith, John Hawkins, No. 39
Bradfield, Francis Leonard, No. 43
Paul, Robert Henry, No. 45
Laws, Henry James, No. 51
Thomson, William Nibloe, No. 53
Thomson, Dunlop Steward Johnson, No. 53
Todd, Charles William, No. 55
Skilton, George Martin, No. 57
Bartholemew, George, No. 59
Hyde, Frank, No. 61
Barnett, Thomas Leonard, No. 65
Turvey, Henry, No. 67
Scott, George, No. 73
Ridgwell, Thomas Ernest, No. 73
Hooker, Frederick Thomas, No. 85
Harris, Albert Alfred, No. 87
Brynes, John Charles, No. 1 Laurie Bank
Holdsworth, William George, No. 2 Laurie Bank
Wooton, Francis, No. 10
Pye, Henry, No. 12
White, Charles Edw., No. 14
White, Herbert James, No. 16
Newlin, James, No. 36
South, James Edward, No. 38
Tetchner, John, No. 40
Portbury, Edward, No. 42
Moss, Sophia, No. 42
Smith, Albert William, No. 44
Smith, John, No. 45
Richardson, Alfred, No. 48
Martin, Charles, No. 50
Dorrington, John, No. 52
Robins, Walter Charles, No. 54
Osman, William, No. 54
Fisk, Henry, No. 56
Hand, Arthur, No. 58
Stapley, Arthur, No. 60
Allett, William Henry, No. 62
Hancock, George James, No. 64
Viner, Charles Edward, No. 66
Mendham, Walter James, No. 68
Saunders, Samuel, No. 70
Moore, William, No. 72
Tully, Ernest John, No. 74
Blackwell, Rose Ellen, No. 74
Layzell, Walter Edward, No. 786
Jessop, Alfred Gardner, No. 78
Hunter, George Richard, No. 80
Death, Joseph, No. 82
Rumsey, William Henry, No. 84
Glover, John George, No. 84
Prior, Arthur Henry, No. 86
Carter, Christopher John, No. 88
Sparham, arthur Nelson, No. 90
Hercock, Walter Charles James, No. 92
Bramble, Arthur, No. 94
Crossley, William John, No. 96
Booth, William Louis, No. 98
Clark, Florence Sarah, No. 98
Bixley, Robert, No. 104
Webb, Joseph, No. 106
Brown, Andrew James, No. 108
Gowers, Wallace, No. 110
Viney, Richard Henry, No. 114
Penton, Bertha Eveline, No. 118
Halls, Frederick Milton, No. 120
Gooding, Frank, No. 122
Jones, Charles, No. 128
Rome, Frank, No. 130

MILL PATH (Victoria Road)
Jackson, Frederick William, No. 1
Halls, George Stanley, No. 2

Clark, Henry, No. 1
Burden, Stephen William, No. 3
Harris, Henry John, No. 5
Priest, Eli, No. 7
Bishton, William, No. 9
Bishton, Arthur, No. 17
Holmes, Thomas George, No. 19
Blackwell, Albert, No. 21
Shearman, Alice Phoebe, No. 40
Shearman, Sarah Ann, No. 38
Bysouth, Joseph, No. 36
Frost, John, No. 34
Cook, George, No. 32
Eke, John Henry, No. 30
Milbank, Arthur Sidney, No. 28
Johnson, Frederick Percy, No. 26
Axon, Arthur Charles, No. 24
Wood, Arthur, No. 22
Sergant, William George, No. 20
Linnett, George, No. 18
Moore, Percy William, No. 16
Thacker, Charles, No. 14
Parker, Thomas, No. 12
Parker, William John, No. 10b
Goody, George, No. 10a
Reed, John, No. 10
Laundy, Mary Ann, No. 10
Norman, Charles, No. 8
Thomas, Alice, No. 8
Courtney, James Henry, No. 6
Rogers, Albert, No. 4
Hills, Herbert George, No. 2

MOORE'S YARD (Market Place)
Adams, Arthur Robert, Council House
Finch, John, No. 1
Parsons, Bejamin, No. 2
Byrant, Catherine, No. 2
Rowland, Walter George, No. 3
Fox, Albert, No. 4
Richardson, Herbert, No. 5
Oliver, Thomas, No. 6
Freeman, John, No. 7
Smith, George John, No. 8
Matthews, Edward, No. 9
Matthews, Ellen, No. 9
Doe, John, No. 10
Wells, Thomas Alfred, No. 11
Morris, Maurice Albert, No. 12
Harrington, Harriett, No. 13

Palmer, Alfred, No. 1 Blacks Cottages
Jones, William, No. 1 Blacks Cottages
Barber, Frederick William, No. 2 Blacks Cottages
Pearson, Alfred, No. 3 Blacks Cottages
Sternbeck, William Benjamin, Shalford Lodge
Chopping, Alfred, Moss Lodge
George, Gustavus, Burgess Cottage
Cumbers, Priscilla, Moss Cottage
Tite, Jesse, Moss Lane
Russell, Peter, Ivy Cottage
Challis, Frank, Ivy Cottage

Downing, William, No. 1
Beale, Ernest John, No. 2
Clark, Frank, No. 3
Biggs, Edward, No. 4
Potter, Charles, "Homestead"
Stairs, Thomas, Alpha House
Williamson, Charles William, No. 8

Hills, George John, Nos. 1-3
Hills, Eliza, Nos. 1-3
Canham, Herbert John, Nos. 1-3
Grimwood, John Thomas, No. 5
Kistler, Andrew, No. 7
Poel, William Leonard, No. 11
Nunn, William George, No. 13
Livermore, Harry, No. 13
Archer, Harold Charles, No. 15
Stapley, Arthur, No. 17
Salmons, Frank George, No. 19
Langford, George, No. 19a
Bright, Emma, No. 19a
Dean, Oliver, No. 19b
Taverner, Henry Thomas, No. 21
Crofts, William Thomas, No. 23
Marriott, John Walter, No. 25
Cannon, Daniel, No. 27
Brown, Charles, No. 29
Bushnell, Ellen, No. 31
Pratt, Edgar, No. 33
Pepper, Arthur Franklyn, No. 35
Knight, Kate, No. 37
Christmas, Rose, No. 39
Beard, William Henry, No. 1, Roger Reede's Almshouse
Lawrence, Martha, No. 2, Roger Reede's Almshouse
Palmer, Ann, No. 3, Roger Reede's Almshouse
Phipps, Joseph, No. 4, Roger Reede's Almshouse
Howard, Thomas Cornwell, No. 5, Roger Reede's Almshouse
Drake, William, No. 6, Roger Reede's Almshouse
Booth, Charles Thomas, No. 41
Hill, Charles, No. 43
Wadham, William, No. 43
Hammond, Joseph William, No. 45
Ellender, Frederick, No. 47
Boone, Florence, No. 47
Jones, Samuel, No. 49
Risby, George Harry, No. 51
Jarvis, William Sambo, No. 53
Popplewell, Emily, No. 55
Parker, Thomas, No. 57
Pocock, Louisa, No. 59
Slipper, Anne Sophia, No. 59
Dawkins, Harry Frederick, No. 61
Brunsden, William Thomas, No. 61
Poston, Agnes Matthew, No. 63
Wilkinson, Lewis Edwin, No. 65
Dodd, Frederick Henry, No. 67
Budd, Alfred George, No. 69
Benfield, Jane Elizabeth, No. 71
Jones, William Henry, No. 73
Newton, Eliza, Brooklands House
Linsell, Joseph, Brooklands Farm
Beadle, Harry, "The Firs"
Jackson, Frederick, "The Laurels"
Jefferies, Alfred, Elm Villa
Guymer, Frederick William, "Oakhurst"
Ball, Frederick, "Connaught"
Roach, Alice, "Elmhurst"
Roach, Blanche, "Elmhurst"
McDermott, Thomas John, Beech Villa
Wood, George, "Newsham"
Sharpley, Frederick William, "Hazeldine"
Cawley, Henry, "Restormel"
Spencer, John William, "Parkside"
Putman, Robert, "Parkhurst"
Munday, Clara, "Parkview"
Philp, Maurice Ezra, "Belstone"
Danby, Gertrude, No. 1 Vine Cottages
Robinson, John Tom, No. 1 Vine cottages
Hales, Frederick Herbert, No. 2 Vine Cottages
Walkling, William Frederick, No. 2
Shipton, Thomas, No. 4
Harding, James William, No. 6
Inward, Augustus James, No. 8
Beckwith, Hanna, No. 10
Betts, Joseph, No. 14
Marsh, Frederick Joseph, No. 16
Bridge, William Walter, No. 18
Patience, Fred, No. 20
Davey, Thomas Newton, No. 22
Makings, George, No. 22
Partridge, Arthur, No. 22a
Poel, John Basil, No. 24
Brock, Herbert Norman, No. 26
Patridge, Alfred, No. 28
Wilkinson, Robert, No. 30
Pearce, Frederick John, No. 32
Garnham, Philip William, No. 36
Wayman, William, No. 38
Abrams, Edward, No. 40
Clube, Henry, No. 42
Hildreth, Louisa Sarah, No. 42
Cambers, Samuel, No. 44
Urpeth, John, No. 46
Mason, Betsy Amelia, No. 50
Aubrey-Hall, Mary Helena, No. 52
Smith, Joseph Henry, No. 54
Williams, Francis John, No. 565
Spearman, Arthur, No. 58
Cornell, Alice Julia, No. 60
Pinner, David, No. 62
Robertson, Jessie, No. 62
Cornell, George Frederick William, No. 64
Lambert, Clifford William, No. 66
Young, William Joseph, No. 68
Beal, Sarah Ann, No. 70
Gilder, Charles Henry, No. 72
Hayes, John Murray, No. 74
Oliver, Walter John Lodge, "Marshalls"
Spriggs, Walter George, Cottage, "Marshalls" (as is)
Drake, William, Farm Cottage, "Marshalls"

Toghill, Samuel, No. 1
Wash, Walter, No. 2
Tokley, Arthur James, No. 2
Watling, Frederick William, No. 1 Parrs Cottages
Saunders, Frank, No. 2 Parrs Cottages
Clarke, George Hector, No. 3 Parrs Cottages
Baker, Alfred, No. 4 Parrs Cottages

Wray, Harry Monson, No. 1
Lake, Charles Walter, No. 1
Moss, Henry, "Fairview"
Belcher, Charles, "Fairview"
Gable, Alfred, "Sunnyside"
Clark, Percy Edward, "Southside"
Randall, Walter Charles, "Oakleigh"
Scanes, Albert Edward, "Fernside"
Stone, Charles Henry, "Woodbine"
Twine, Thomas James, "Hainault"
Butterfield, James, "Woodlands"
Lockwood, Arthur George, "St. Olaves"
Reed, Donald William, "The Nook"
Flatman, Harold Edward, "Homeleigh"
Jelffs, Thomas, "Red Cot" (surname as is)
Butterfield, John, "Avondale"
Butterfield, Walter, "Rosemount"
Kitteridge, Robert, No. 1 Oak Terrace
Matthews, Annie, No. 2 Oak Terrace
Smith, Edward, No. 3 Oak Terrace
Parker, William Phillip, No. 4 Oak Terrace
Casson, George William, No. 5 Oak Terrace
Harding, Thomas William, No. 6 Oak Terrace

Claxton, James, "Westwood"
Robinson, Robert John, "Enstin"
Mason, John, No. 7 Marion Villas
Dunn, William Edward, No. 6 Marion Villas
Larter, Frederick George, No. 5 Marion Villas
Coppin, Charles Edward, No. 4 Marion Villas
Pegrum, charles William, No. 3 Marion Villas
Chilvers, Albert, No. 2 Marion Villas
Ashwell, John, No. 1 Marion Villas
Hesford, Arthur, Romford Union
Ryder, Helena Lilian, Romford Union
Palmer, Sidney Richard, Alma Cottage
Hewitt, Samuel Thomas, No. 31
Rowley, Richard William, No. 33
Freeman, Alice Marion, No. 33
Mason, Harry, No. 35
Bell, Jabez, No. 37
Green, James Alfred, No. 41
Timberlake, John Henry, No. 43
Petre, Frederick George, No. 45
Brush, John Edward, No. 45
Ayres, Ernest Edward, No. 47
Anderson, Charles William, No. 49
Elmes, Arthur, No. 51
Smerdon, William George, No. 53
Woolley, Herbert, No. 57
Drake, Charles William, No. 59
Neunham, Sidney Wilkers, No. 61
Sheppard, William Albert, No. 63
Palmer, Henry, No. 65
Woolley, Leon Thomas, No. 65
Reed, George Joseph, No. 67
Davies, David Maxwell, No. 73
Bragg, Charles, No. 75
Mumford, William, No. 77
Topham, Jack, No. 79
Carey, Caroline May, No. 79
Searley, Robert, No. 81
Erlam, George Barnes, No. 83

Amey, Charles Henry, No. 1
Clark, Richard Frank, No. 3
Jones, Thomas Walter, No. 5
May, Jesse Alfred, No. 7
Balkes, Alfred James, No. 9
Sellar, Thomas William, No. 11
Brown, Diana, No. 13
Seally, Sarah Ann, No. 2
Knight, Francis Henry, No. 3
Knight, Frank Richard, No. 4
Sharplin, William John Archer, No. 6
Martin, Albert Henry, No. 8
Perry, Albert William Godfrey, No. 10
Gray, George, No. 12
Hale, Frederick, No. 14
Sparrow, Thomas, No. 16
Perry, Esther, No. 18
Rayment, Abraham, No. 20
Read, Rosanna, No. 22
Carter, Jane, No. 24
Upton, Cecil Charles, No. 24
Gamble, Joseph James, No. 26
Smith, William Ship, No. 28

Hare, Arthur Rufus, No. 1
Inge, Albert, No. 3
Newman, Thomas, No. 5
Sellwood, Ernest Edward, No. 7
Ryan, Daniel Alfred, No. 9
Rushen, Samuel, No. 11
Rawlings, Robert Thomas, No. 13
Warmington, Kate, No. 13
Skinner, Thomas, No. 15
Dawber, Fred Lingard, No. 17
Snow, William Kirnell, No. 19
Howard, Samuel Alfred, No. 21
Holman, Frank Sinclair, No. 23
Merson, Grace, No. 23
Rudd, James Frederic, No. 2
Major, Henry Willett, No. 4
Tilbury, Charles Hollingsworth, No. 6
Powter, George William, No. 8
Davies, Charles Hay., No. 10
Head, Theophilus Gillett, No. 12
Robinson, Margaret, No. 12
Wood, Percy Chrichton, No. 18
Meek, Julia, No. 20
Snow, Walter Robert, No. 22
Geeves, Francis John, No. 24
Coupe, William Shirley, No. 26 (as is)
Staines, Henry David, No. 28
Welsford, Minnie, No. 28
Fletcher, Edward, No. 30
Pearson, Ethel, No. 30
Hall, Frederick James, No. 50

Holford, Thomas Constant, No. 1
Wheatley, Oscar, No. 3
Ives, Louisa, No. 3
Van Meenan, Jules Joseph, No. 5
Eastman, Walter, No. 18
Carter, Susannah, No. 16
Ball, Frederick, No. 14
Milner, Walter, No. 8
Pratt, William Alfred, No. 6
Barrett, Constance Mary, No. 2
Whipps, Charles John, No. 4

PARKWAY (Gidea Park)
Griffith, Frederick, "Crafaant"
Williams, William, "Mon Abri"
Brunt, John Cyril Kingston, "St. Helens"
Lee-Hankey, William, No. 201
Shaw, Frederick, "Afcot"
Wellborne, John Evelyn, No. 203
Arnot, George Henry, Warwick Hall
Crowther, Charles William, No. 205
Paul, Vivian Charles, No. 206 (as is)
Baugh, Edward, Elizabeth Lodge
Paulsen, Percy Henry, "Alviera"
Gallogher, Gerald Hugh, "Bekke Ullo"
Campkin, Harry, No. 208
Ferguson, James Brown, "Rouken"
Townshend, William Pearson, No. 211
Floyd, Walter Ernest, "Ellangowan"
Tucker, William Henry, "Two Ways"
Poulter, Hannah, "Two Ways"
Farlow, Helen, Cosy Lodge
Husband, John Jrous, No. 332 (as is)

Box, Percy Henry, No. 1
Stone, Frederick, No. 2
Oliver, Sydney Herbert, No. 3

Poole, Alfred Henry Martin, Heath House
Poole, William John, No. 1 Outred Villas
Attkins, Ernest Anthony Lonsdale, No. 2, Outred Villas
Poole, William, "Outreds"
Heard, William, Outred Villa
Hall, John Frederick, Outred Villas
Castellan, Victor Edward, Hare Lodge
Sutton, Arthur Mattison, Hare Lodge
Castellan, Charles Ernest, Hare Cottage
Newman, Arthur Edgar, Hare Hall Lodge
Jackson, Walter, Hare Hall Gardens
Gill, John Blackmore
Lunnon, George
Banyard, Richard
Loyd, Ephraim, Park Cottage
Crane, Albert Joseph, Park House
Goodchild, Henry Jones, Russell House
Plane, Albert Edward, Derby House

Mann, Herbert, Little Pettits Farm
Gay, Frank, "Wayside"
Ellingworth, Daniel Stansbie, Great Pettits Farm
Clark, George Golden, Cottage, Great Pettits Farm
MacAndrew, Stephen Lee, "The Paddock"
Thirlwall, Maude, Elizabeth, Cottage Hospital (as is)
Hembry, Claud Benjamin, Hawkins-atte-Well
MacLetchie, Edith, Hawkins-atte-Well

POELS YARD (North Street)
Cook, William, No. 1
Morris, Danied George Harry, No. 2 (as is)
Bennett, Joseph Frederick, No. 3
Mace, Harry, No. 4
Poel, Caroline, No. 5

Clarke, Charles Frederick, No. 1
Clarke, Edward, No. 2
Maryou, Charles Henry, No. 3
Fulcher, William, No. 4
Crowe, Angus Henry, No. 5
Holdsworth, Augustus Ives, No. 6
Bright, William, No. 7
Harding, William, No. 8
Archer, Charles Alfred, No. 9
Roe, Ernest, No. 9
Wood, James, No. 10
Pratt, William James, No. 11
Harding, John, No. 12

Clare, Charles Jesse, Nursery, No. 43
Westerman, Frederick Thompson, No. 43
Greenwood, Thomas No. 45
Brown, Alfred William, No. 47
Edwards, Edward George, No. 67
Cowling, William Thomas, No. 69
Edwards, William, No. 71
Beckwith, James William, No. 73
Manning, Walter, No. 75
Miller, William, No. 77
Harris, Herbert Harry Frederick, No. 79
Lapwood, Charles Herbert, No. 97
Skilton, Ambrose Percy, No. 103
Thompson, Herbert Harry, No. 105
Price, John, No. 107
Lockwood, George William, No. 109
Parker, Albert George, No. 111
Baker, James, No. 113
Woodard, Daniel Ralph, No. 117
Pinner, John, No. 119
Locke, Victor, No. 121
Peterson, Ethel Mary, No. 121
Finlay, Andrew, No. 127
Jones, Charles, No. 145
Parker, Robert Filley, No. 147
Baxter, Florence Isabella, No. 149
Hoather, Walter Edwin, No. 151
Reeves, Charlotte Emeline, No. 153
Cryer, Arthur Henry, No. 155
Steyerman, Leopold, No. 157
Johnson, Frederick William, No. 159
Philpot, Usher Guy, No. 161
Wolf, Charles Augustus, No. 163
Richman, George Henry, No. 165
Sanford, Henry Charles, No. 167
Reeves, William, No. 169
Friend, Percy Edgar, No. 18
Middleton, Arthur, No. 20
Barrick, William, No. 22
Stevens, Charles, No. 24
Quin, William Henry, No. 30
Boreham, Edward, No. 32
Frost, William Allerton, No. 34
Brown, Thomas Ernest John, No. 36
Hewer, Ann Matilda, No. 38
Wilkinson, George, No. 54
Bland, John, No. 56
Pegram, William, No. 58
Pepper, Charles, No. 60
Limehouse, Ernest, No. 62
Poole, Edward, No. 64
Bell, Eliza, No. 66
Phillips, Peter, No. 68
Brazier, Jane, No. 70
Newlin, Frederick, No. 72
Nunn, Frank, No. 72
Nunn, Annie May, No. 72
Millard, Percival John, No. 78
Millett, Matilda, No. 80
Stocks, Samuel, No. 82
Kittle, Walter Leon, No. 84
Hensley, John Henry, No. 88
Harwood, Bertie Edward, No. 90
Dewdney, Joseph John, No. 92
Budd, Henry Robert, No. 94
Harris, Thomas Henry, No. 96
Millgate, Emily, No. 98
Salmons, Augustus Walter, No. 100
Hamilton, George William, No. 102
Knopp, Walter James, No. 104
White, William Henry, No. 108
Packer, Anne Elizabeth, No. 110
Tripp, Harry, No. 112
Collins, William John, No. 114
Hall, Ann, No. 114
Ball, Alfred Ernest, No. 116
Emms, Sidney alfred, No. 118
Ellender, Frederick, No. 120
Morris, Phoebe, No. 122

Marriott, Henry William, No. 1
Edwards, Frank, No. 3
Doy, Thomas James, No. 5
Rowe, William Frederic, No. 7
Moore, Nicholas Thomas, No. 9
Green, William Alexander, No. 11
White, Matilda, No. 13
Ives, Amelia, No. 13
Saunders, Harry John, No. 15
Chesson, Pery, No. 17
Stevens, Arthur, No. 19
Nicholson, Luke, No. 21
Hunter, Herbert Arnold, No. 23
Solomon, Lucy, No. 27
Brown, Arthur Percy, No. 29
Wilson, Charles David, No. 31
Vicary, Herbert Henry, No. 33
Bruty, Ellen, No. 35
Crofts, Kathleen Marguerite, No. 35
Bastick, William Matthais, No. 37
Pluck, Agnes Caroline, No. 39
Hobday, Frederick Morris, No. 41
McFall, John Edward, No. 43
Hardy, Frederick Wingrove, No. 45
Brown, Esther, No. 47
Lock, William, No. 49
Hewitt, Alfred John, No. 51
Crawley, Augustus, No. 12
Hilliard, Frederick George, No. 14
Temple, Jeannie, No. 14
Osman, William George Frederick, No. 18
Bescoby, Charles Fox, No. 30
Cormack, Adelaide, No. 30
Stone, Alfred, No. 32
Robinson, Herbert, No. 34
Holdstock, Mary Ann Lexey, No. 36
Perry, Peter Egbert, No. 38
Dennis, Thomas, No. 40
Yeo, Edwin Philip, No. 42
Hibbert, Herbert Stanley, No. 44
Heasman, Ellen, No. 46
Fox, John, No. 48
Clements, Albert Edward, No. 54
Gilham, John Henry, No. 56
Gozzet, Alfred, No. 58
Dorling, Hannah Eliza, No. 60

Wilson, William
Starling, Eliza
Bull, Louisa
Whight, Frederick James, No. 1
Lilleystone, Sydney Robert, No. 2
Sammons, Emily, No. 3
Speller, John Rainbird, No. 4
Staff, Jane Elizabeth, Nos. 5-6
Wallis, Nathaniel, Nos. 5-6
Wood, Louisa, No. 7
Hill, Emily, No. 8
Leeder, Ernest William, No. 9
Arkley, Ellen, No. 10
Harding, John Henry, No. 11
Cannon, Sidney, No. 12
Evans, Elizabeth, No. 13
Baker, Francis Robert, No. 14
Oliver, Thomas, No. 16
Murrell, Albert James, No. 17
Cass, Charles William, No. 18
Sarling, Alfred, No. 19
Leech, J., No. 21
Cass, John, No. 22
Bent, James, No. 23
Kiy, Thomas, No. 24
Staff, Daniel Thomas, No. 25
Scott, Thomas, Little Mawneys

Eve, William Charles, No. 1
Hill, Frances Elizabeth, No. 3
Harris, Emma, No. 3
Stone, William Edward, No. 5
Hope, David William, No. 7
Hope, Harriet, No. 7
Brown, George Henry, No. 9
Finch, James, No. 2 Nelson's Place
Norris, Walter, No. 3, Nelson's Place
Dennis, Alfred, No. 11
Wilcox, William, No. 13
Dennis, William, No. 15
Richards, Richard, No. 21
Beveley, Elizabeth, No. 21
Parmenter, Ted., No. 23
Fisher, John, No. 25
Littlechild, David Charles, No. 27
Wyatt, Sarah Ann, No. 29
Banks, Harry Alfred, No. 31
Frostick, William, No. 33
Rhodes, Arthur Cyril, No. 35
Rowlett, Sarah Elizabeth, No. 37
Green, Elijah, No. 45
Green, Elijah William, No. 47
Wooley, Francis, No. 49
Rowlett, Charles, No. 51
Russell, Isaac, No. 53
Kimbling, Elizabeth, No. 55
Cheek, Charles, No. 57
Weaver, George, No. 59
Washington, Walter Daniel, No. 61
Butcher, James Henry, No. 63
Baker, William, Nos. 2-4
Enticknap, George, No. 16
Taylor, Annie, No. 22
Percy, George, No. 24
Sutton, Alfred, No. 24
Meekings, William Henry, No. 26
Wait, James, No. 28
Tite, Alice Maude, No. 30
Ottley, Henry, No. 32
Stoneham, John Charles Albert, No. 42
Runeacres, Tizzie Ellen, No. 44
Watling, George William, No. 46
Ellis, Frederick, No. 48
Bullock, Henry, No. 50
Milbourne, Frederick, No. 52
Rivers, William, No. 58
Fisher, Robert, No. 60c
Tetchner, Arthur Samuel, No. 62b
Allsop, Albert, No. 60a
Cooper, William Edwin Charles, No. 60
Bullock, Arthur, No. 62
Pearce, Edward, No. 64
Butcher, Eliza, No. 66
Kings, George Henry, No. 68
Robinson, Alfred Charles, 70
Armstrong, Samuel, No. 72
White, Henry, No. 74
Young, James, No. 76
Stebbings, Samuel, No. 78
Moon, Sapper, No. 80
Robinson, James Page, No. 82
Dredge, William John, No. 84
Rayner, Charles, No. 86
Sutton, Jack, No. 88

Harris, Robert, No. 2
Robertson, Robert McNair Ferguson, No. 6
Copeland, Afred James, No. 8
Lovely, Frederick Cecil, No. 12
Francis, George, No. 12
Hamp, John, No. 14
Wittich, Cyril Germand Harry, No. 16
Colquhoun, Margaret, No. 18
Adey, Stuart Wills, No. 26
Mathews, Walter Gerald Keeley, No. 28
Goodhart, Burford Henryson, No. 30
Kennedy, Alexander Litagow, No. 32
Carey, Charles John Pugh, No. 34
Dix, Bertram Charles, No. 36
Hope, William Frederick Sudell, No. 38
King, Arthur, No. 3
Coward, Charles Ernest, No. 5
Huges, William Ravenscroft, No. 7
Hennequin, May Evelyn, No. 9
Whittenbury, Reginald, No. 13
Frecker, Albert Charles, No. 15
Puddephatt, Frederick Augustus, No. 17
Wise, Frederick John, No. 19
Hay, Henry Smith, No. 21
Newman, Charles Stanley, No. 25
Hall, Stanley Ernest, No. 25
Banks, Bernard Rodwell, No. 27
Metcalf, John, No. 29
Malcolm, Henry William, No. 31
List, George Henry Pethick, No. 33
Knight, Charlotte Elizabeth, No. 33
Raley, Clara, No. 33
Lovell, Herbert Charles, No. 37
Parnall, John, No. 37
Farnes, Sydney Heath, No. 39
Green, Edward Bramble, No. 41
Moger, charles Harvey, No. 43
Morris, Frederick George, No. 45

Martin, William, No. 1
Keys, William James, No. 3
Meeham, Frederick Alfred William, No. 5
Adcock, Alfred, No. 7
Bowyer, John, No. 9
Day, George Ephriam, No. 11
Keele, Mary, No. 13
Ottley, Louis Frederick, No. 15
Bowry, Harry, No. 17
Stevens, Emma, No. 19
Bright, Isaac, No. 21
Welch, Rose Maria, No. 23
Day, Arthur, No. 25
Staines, Ernest William, No. 27
Butterworth, Thomas Amos, No. 29
James, Henry, No. 31
Manning, Arthur, No. 33
Britan, Thomas, No. 35
Knight, Alfred, No. 39
Fuller, Frederick, No. 41
Bailey, Mary Ann, No. 2
Curley, Charles Henry, No. 4
Harris, George, No. 6
Roulton, Esther, No. 6
Brown, Esther Maria, No. 8
Peacock, Martha, No. 10
Saggers, Albert, No. 12
Brend, Charles Boyce, No. 14
Starr, William Alfred, No. 16
Vyse, Rowland Edward, No. 18
Wiseman, Walter John, No. 20
Kimpton, Mary, No. 32
Wilby, Arthur, No. 34
Willis, Arthur, No. 36
Humphries, William Thomas, No. 38
Filtness, Arthur, No. 40
Pulford, William, No. 42
Jennings, Maria, No. 41
Mist, James, No. 46
Hurley, Joseph, No. 48
Clarke, James, No. 59
Reeve, Albert Leon, No. 52

Miller, Thomas Francis, No. 2
Arnold, Henry Bancroft, No. 6
Bell, Reginald Otto, No. 8
Warden, Robert, No. 8
Powter, Ernest John, No. 10
Ward, John Sebastian Marlow, No. 20
Hammett, Charles Millward, No. 22
Gerard, Alexandra John Nettleton, No. 26 (as is)
Deadman, Frank, No. 28
Gaff, Arthur, No. 36
Seager, Mary Ethel, No. 38
Adderley, Charles Joseph Henry, No. 3
Ward Arthur, No. 9
Fraser, Kenneth, No. 13
Goldsworth, William Baker, No. 15
Brocklebank, Arthur Charles, No. 17
Metcalf, James Norman, No. 19
Higson, Hugh, No. 23
Gallagher, Ellen Rose Elizabeth, No. 29
Morton, Alexander, No. 33

Mardell, William Arthur, "Plough"
Hunwicks, James, Plough Cottages
Sheldrick, Henry, No. 1 Woodman Cottages
Sivell, Albert Edward, No. 2 Woodman Cottages
Moss, Martha, No. 3 Woodman Cottages
Sexton, Annie Elizabeth, No. 4 Woodman Cottages
Stock, Frederick Charles, No. 5 Woodman Cottages
Isbell, Edward, Red House

Francis, Harriet, Cooper's Arms
Bloss, Thomas, No. 1 Mashiters Cottages
White, Edith Morris, No. 2 Mashiters Cottages
Wackett, John, Bell House
King, David Henry, No. 1 Avis Cottages
Dale, Martha, No. 2 Avis Cottages
Pipe, William, No. 1 Archer Cottages
Parmenter, Alfred, No. 2 Archer Cottages
Balls, Charles, No. 3 Archer Cottages
Smith, Walter Perkis, No. 3 Archer Cottages
Scott, Walter James Frederick, No. 4 Archer Cottages
Gill, Joseph, No. 5 Archer Cottages
Kirkham, Maria, No. 6 Archer Cottages
Smith, George Vernon, No. 7 Archer Cottages
Clark, Frederick, No. 8 Archer Cottages
Culling, George, No. 9 Archer Cottages
Boreham, Emma, No. 9 Archer Cottages
Bridge, Henry, Ivy Villa
Potter, Alfred, White House
Finch, William, No. 1 Daisy Cottages
Burt, John Reginald, No. 3 Daisy Cottages
Isobel, John, No. 2 Daisy Cottages
Chinery, Ted., No. 4 Daisy Cottages
Cleaver, George Frederick Lockwood, Thornton House

Bysoutte, Albert Edward, No. 2
Barltrop, Joseph, No. 4
Perkins, John Howard, No. 6
Pegrum, Alfred John, No. 8
Hauke, John, No. 10
Richards-Pick, Ernest, No. 12
Holloway, Rose Martha, No. 12
Cross, Walter, No. 14
Gurney, John Thomas, No. 16
Parrish, Alfred John, No. 18
Bysouth, Sydney Alexander, No. 20
Baker, Mary Ann, No. 20
Heffer, George, No. 22
Smart, Herbert, No. 22
Jackson, James Frederick, No. 24
Loveday, William, No. 26
Passfield, Samuel, No. 28
Eaton, Henry Charles, No. 30
Beatwell, William, No. 36
Parr, Alfred, No. 38
Littlechild, William Arthur, No. 42
Hale, Frederick Thomas, No. 44
Groaves, George, No. 46
Field, Amelia, No. 46
Nunn, George Archibald, No. 48
Rowden, Nellie, No. 50
Taylor, Herbert David, No. 52
Saunders, William John, No. 54
Lewis, Herbert, No. 56
Cant, Elijah, No. 58
Keeble, Ernest, No. 60
Sharplin, William Edward, No. 62
Jones, Joseph, No. 64
Straight, Agnes, No. 66
Clark, Philip Arthur, No. 68
Farrow, Henry Edward, No. 70
Kimber, James Victor, No. 72
Basham, James, No. 78
Shelly, John, No. 80
Patrick, Frederick George, No. 82
Starling, Charles, No. 84
Lewis, Arthur John, No. 57
Heffer, Robert, No. 59
Alford, William, No. 61
Dormer, William, No. 63
Farrow, James, No. 65
Nunn, Edward, No. 67

Chamberlain, Thomas, No. 1
Day, William James, No. 5
Milton, William Henry, No. 7
Long, George, No. 9
Richards, Thomas Herbert, No. 11
Pudney, Arthur Jos., No. 13
Pearce, William Henry, No. 15
Pratt, Henry George, No. 17
Pye, William Henry, No. 19
Fitch, George John, No. 21
Smith, Thomas Edward, No. 29
Stothard, George Ross, No. 31
Slade, Joseph Benjamin, No. 37
Hunwicks, Herbert Arthur, No. 39
Turvey, Jane, No. 39
Perry, Ernest Henry, No. 41
Sheppard, Elizabeth, No. 41
Prior, Sidney, No. 43
Olley, charles Frederick, No. 45
Keeling, George, No. 47
Satum, Charles, No. 49
Wood, Ellen, No. 51
Walsh, Mark Clifford, No. 53
Goodey, Lewis Duncan, No. 55
Bird, Henrietta, No. 59
Buckwell, Rufus William, No. 61
Foster, Pamela Jane, No. 63
Giles, Albert Selby, No. 67
Lindsell, Frank, No. 69
Hunwicks, Alfred John, No. 71
Wood, Harry, No. 73
Green, Herbert Hugh, No. 75
Curtis, Arthur James, No. 77
Smith, Martha, No. 77
Sharp, Albert William, No. 79
Oliver, William Thomas, No. 81
Long, David Samuel, No. 1 Ashton Terrace
Allen, Ellen, No. 2 Ashton Terrace
Gould, Walter Percy, No. 3 Ashton Terrace
Lazell, Arthur William, No. 4 Ashton Terrace
Edwards, William, No. 5 Ashton Terrace
Warner, Arthur, No. 6 Ashton Terrace
Stuart, Alice Maud Miriam, No. 2
Butt, George, No. 4
Salisbury, Sarah, No. 6
Johnson, William, No. 10
Walker, Hedley Loues, No. 10 (as is)
Hawke, John, No. 12
Silcocks, Walter, No. 14
Horsman, Elizabeth Emily, No. 16
Gower, Ezekiel John, No. 18
Dalton, Frederick, No. 20
Digby, Albert, No. 22
Eggleton, George, No. 24
Algar, Walter James, No. 26
Lee, William, No. 40
Eaton, Leonard William, No. 42
Deeks, Julia Ann, No. 44
Vale, Leonard, No. 46
Langstone George Walter, No. 48
Prior, Victor Edmund, No. 50

Eady, Walter, No. 13
Wooster, William, No. 15
Thompson, Sidney, No. 17
Taylor, Charles Arthur Samuel, No. 19
Took, Charles, No. 21
Viney, Thomas Edward, No. 23
Dignan, James Joseph, No. 25
Vale, John, No. 27
Lazell, Alfred, No. 29
Chandler, William, No. 2
Self, Frederick, No. 4
Gower, Alfred Charles, No. 6
Saggers, John, No. 8
Brockhurst, Henry, No. 8
Poulter, Edward, No. 10
Potter, Mary Ann, No. 12
Cross Alfred John, No. 14
Ford, Henry, No. 16
Haley, Elizabeth, No. 18
Bush, Caroline, No. 20
Cracknell, Thomas Harold, No. 22
Knight, Benjamin John No. 24
Wren, Thomas, No. 26
Rogers, George William, No. 28
Satuin, Edward, No. 30
Winch, Emily, No. 32
Manyon, Charles, No. 36
Venables, James, No. 38
Rogers, Richard, No. 40
Finch, John Arthur, No. 42
Oligiving, Frederick, No. 42

Fasey, George Thomas, No. 1
Wright, Walter, No. 3
White, William, No. 5
White, Emma Catherine, No. 5
Roast, Edward William, No. 7
Smart, Samuel, No. 1 Oakhurst Villas
Mitchell, Emma May, No. 4 Oakhurst Villas
Peacock, Mary Ann Violet, No. 1 Hamilton Terrace
Carrington, Robert, No. 2 Hamilton Terrace
James, Benjamin, No. 3 Hamilton Terrace
Paveley, John William, No. 4 Hamilton Terrace
Harris, George, No. 5 Hamilton Terrace
Reeves, John, No. 6 Hamilton Terrace
Bailey, Townsend Frederick Sydney, Sherringham Gardens
Horn, Percy Walter, No. 10 Sherringham Gardens
Pentelow, James Frederick, No. 8 Sherringham Gardens
Kirby, Oliver Charles, No. 6 Sherringham Gardens
Cooper, Matthias Frederick
Braybrook, Herbert
Stokes, Thomas Joseph
Platt, Harry
Harris, William, The Stores

SHIP YARD (High Street)
Watling, Moses, No. 1
Whittaker, William, No. 2
Crudgington, Charles, No. 3
Wheatley, James, No. 4

Clegg, Harriet Sophia Clegg, No. 1
Janes, Edwin William, No. 3
Burgess, Sidney Charles, No. 5
Humphrey, Charles William, Nos. 9-11
Tuff, Arthur Robert, No. 13
Wraight, Thomas, Nos. 15-17
Fox, Frederick Arthur, No. 19
Wilkinson, Lewis Edwin, No. 25
Metcalfe, Francis, No. 29
Garke, Dora Ellen, Picture Pavilion
Lucas, Bessie, No. 35
Barnard, Samuel Clift, No. 37
Rand, Henry John, No. 39
Barten, Edward, Nos 43-45
Gilbert, Frederick William, No. 49
Thompson, George Ernest, No. 51
Baldwin, James Henry, No. 53
Daldy, Emilie, No. 55
Symons Albert, Henry, No. 67 (as is)
Belcher, Elizabeth Anne, No. 69
Kemp, Frederick, No. 71
Davis, Arthur David, No. 73
Green, Charles David, Dr., No. 75
Parlby and Bescoby, No. 81a
Hobday, Frederick, No. 81
Partridge, Frank Ernest, No. 81a
Hallows, Henry, No. 95
Sarling, Alfred, Cottage, Sun Yard
Sprod, Sydney Thomas, 103
Smith, Herbert Edward, No. 2 Broadway House
Warren, Edith Emily, No. 3
Wright, William Edward, No. 3 Broadway Chambers
Muskett, Mary Jane Danby Gertrude, Nos. 2-4
Steyerman, Leopold, No. 6
Green, Arthur William, No. 8
Westgate and Hammond, No. 10
Ritchie, Frederick Charles, No. 10
Warner, Hugh Douglas, No. 12
Rushen, Herbert Edward, No. 14
Wilson, Albert Gibson, No. 20
Edwards - Heard, Millicent, No. 24
Walters, Alma, No. 26
Larkin, Maurice Bernard, No. 28
Sainsbury, John, No. 30
Mullis, Frederick, No. 34
Grimmer, William, No. 38
Sear, Walter Thomas, No. 40
Regester, Matilda, No. 42
Wright, Lilian Mary, No. 44
Judd, William George, No. 44
Roynon, John Rowe James, No. 50
Newitt, Charles Edward Lionel, No. 52
Elkington, Amelia Maria, No. 54
Simmons, Mary Ann, No. 56
Oxley, Alfred James, No. 56
Howlett, William Thomas John, Police Station
White, William, Police Station
Digby, Walter, Police Station
Hole, Herbert Walter, No. 60
Gross, Charles, No. 66
Russell, Charles Edwin, Nos. 70-78
Walker, Herbert Cartwright, No. 70a
Thurlow, Arthur Joseph, Nos. 72-74
King, John Thomas, No. 72a
Negus, George Henry, Workshop
Hunnable, William, Workshop
Clark, William Edward, Motor Works
Lewis, William Albert, Star Hotel

Huggins, George Heather, "Heathfield" (as is)
Weatt, Wilfred Thompson, "Babia"
Gilks, Humphrey Livingston,e "Ragregg"
Cooke, John Frederick Edwin, "Normanton"
Hibbard, Henry William, No. 1079
Bonnin, William James, No. 1069
Whight, Stanley George, "Neston"
Prior, Francis Roe, 'Estrella'
Brand, William Herbert, "Bonhens"
Griggs, Henry Thomas, "Veucourt"
Farr, Albert Edward, "Abermaw"

Milbourne, Richard, No. 1
Philpot, Stephen, No. 3
Crane, Thomas Collier, No. 5
Collard, John, No. 9
Butcher, James, Nos. 11-13
Crussell, David, No. 25
Bennett, William Henry, No. 29
Lee, James John William, No. 31
Smith, Albert William, No. 33
Watling, John, No. 35
Hepworth, Harry, No. 37
Gates, Susan, No. 39
Watts, Charlie, No. 1 James Square
Moore, Cornelious John, No. 2 James Square
Mayes, William Henry, No. 3 James Square
Harvey, Betsy Silby, No. 5 James Square
Lockwood, Stanley Herbert, No. 6 James Square
Widdows, Edward, No. 7 James Square
Isaacs, Joseph, No. 8 James Square
Taylor, Herbert William, No. 9 James Square
Watson, Wesley, No. 41
Bibby, William, No. 43
Eves, Charles, No. 45
Campion, Mary, No. 47
Manning, Sarah Ann, No. 47
Webster, Clara, Nos. 49-51
Braid, Josiah, No. 53
Brown, Walter, No. 55
Shelley, Charles Henry, No. 57
Stares, Elizabeth, No. 59
Honour, William Henry, No. 61
Martin, Walter Thomas, No. 2
Brown, George, No. 6
Potter, Harriet Eliza, No. 8
Shelley, Edward Albert, No. 10
Smith, Mary Ann, No. 10
Grimwood, Florence Minnie, No. 10
Folkes, George Ernest, No. 12
Heard, Walter, No. 14
Eales, Francis, No. 16
Holby, George, No. 18
Davis, Abram, No. 20
Ewing, Alexander, No. 22
Hale, John Thomas, No. 24
Dove, Jesse, No. 26
Oliver, George Charles, No. 28
Stone, Herbert John, No. 30
Moss, Hannah Maria, No. 32
Gunn, James Albert, No. 34
Golding, Arthur James, No. 36
Maddocks, Albert Edward,
Clark, Emma, No. 40
Porter, Alfred, No. 40
Green, Alfred Edward, No. 42
Pacey, Agnes Elizabeth, No. 44
Gardner, Alfred John, No. 46
Stares, Edward William, No. 50
Wells, William, No. 52
Wilson, David, No. 54
Workman, Elizabeth, No. 56
Golding, Susan, No. 56
Workman, Samuel, No. 58
Palmer, Henry, No. 60
Bovin, John, No. 62
Pilgram, George, No. 64
Chater, Charles, No. 66
Flowers Georgina, No. 68
Collins, John William, No. 70
Holby, John, No. 72

STATION LANE (Squirrels Heath)
Taylor, Ephrains, "Oaklands"

Langstone, Harry William, No. 1
Heath, Victor Albert, No. 3
Rogers, Edna, No. 5
Gretton, Wilfred, No. 7
Weaver, James, No. 9
Starr, Rosetta Jane, No. 11
Mann, Susannah, No. 11
Collard, Ada Maria, No. 11
King, George, No. 13
Lowin, Joseph William, No. 13
Martin, Harry Arthur, No. 15
South, William Charles, No. 17
Matthews, John, No. 19
Chambers, Harold Victor, No. 19
Chandler, Walter, No. 21
Swain, William James, No. 23
Cathcart George Gowers, No. 25
Lefevre, William, No. 27
Mays, James John, No. 2
Mitcham, Alfred, No. 4
Dale, Edith, No. 6
Fowler, William James, No. 8
Kelly, Florence, No. 10
Shipton, Walter George, No. 12
Parsons, Arthur, No. 14
Elliott, George, No. 16
Simmons, Ruth, No. 18
Rank, Alfred, No. 20
Harris, Arthur, No. 22
Harry, Edward James, No. 24

Brand, John, No. 1
Kemp, Joseph, No. 2

Cutts, Walter, No. 1
Childs, Edward James, No. 3
McKee, Emma, No. 5
Allibon, Samuel, No. 7
Davis, Philip, No. 9
Barber, Walter, No. 11
Hughes, David William Henry, No. 11
Barham, Louisa Mary, No. 13
Richardson, Albert, No. 15
Richardson, Elizabeth, No. 15
Fisher, Henry, No. 17
Lepper, Stuart Archibald Friend, No. 19
Gray, Arthur Wilmott, No. 21
Harris, William, No. 23
Dunn, Alexander, Nos. 29-31
Carter, Arthur, No. 33
Peake, William Alexander, No. 35
Kirkpatrick, Charles, No. 37
Murphy, Richard, No. 39
Constable, Charles Robert, No. 41
Bramble, Joseph Dawson, No. 43
Gordon, John, No. 45
Hayden, Charles, No. 47
Ellis, Charles, No. 49
Mercer, Charles, No. 49
Atwell, James William, Nos. 51 and 63
Bushell, Mary Ann, No. 53
Hilliard, George, No. 55
Owen, Francis Ernest, No. 57
Fulcher, Jane, No. 61
Wood, Sidney, No. 63a
Oliver, John, No. 63b
Axon, Victor, No. 65
Spearman, William, No. 67
Perry, Letitia Sarah, No. 69
Reynolds, Joseph, No. 71
Stevens, Harry Robert, No. 73
Aylmore, Charles Edward, No. 75
Twaits, Ellen, No. 75
Barnard, Emma Ellen, No. 77
Pryke, Henry Thomas, No. 79
Knight, Betsey Jane, No. 81
Marchant, Frank, No. 83
Foster, John Ashwood, No. 85
Oliver, George Arthur, No. 87
Durrant, Archie Esca, No. 89 (as is)
Turner, Mary Ann, No. 91
Wiles, John Henry, No. 93
Blake, William, No. 95
Vincent, William David, No. 97
Colyer, Edward John, No. 99
White, George William, No. 101
Taylor, Thomas Edward, No. 103
Turnbull, James Laurence, No. 105
Gunn, Percy Malcolm, No. 107
Gunn, Clara Elizabeth, No. 107
Inwood, Flora, No. 109
Brown, Alfred John, No. 111
Greenham, Sarah Elizabeth, No. 111
Lovegrow, William Alfred, No. 113
Waterman, George, No. 115
Freeman, Edward James, No. 117
March, Thomas, No. 119
Wood, Harry, No. 121
Wilkinson, William, No. 123
Day, Arthur Harry, No. 125
Ottley, Frederick William, No. 127
Braham, William, No. 129
Millen, Gertrude, No. 131
Neal, William George, No. 133
Moore, Henry, No. 135
Heard, Frank William Frederick Ethelbert, No. 137
Abram, Emily Gertrude, No. 139
Doy, Amelia Maria, No. 141
Bush, Benjamin, No. 143
Techener, Amy Sarah, No. 143
Gentry, Frederick John, No. 145
Stalley, Alfred, No. 147
Kettle, Thomas, No. 149
Watling, Thomas Henry, No. 151
Pond, William, No. 153
Seaman, James Utting, No. 155
Shearl, Frederick John, No. 157
Judson, Herbert, No. 159
Nichols, William Joseph A., No. 165
Shearsmith, Mary Ann, No. 167
Stevens, Richard Nathaniel, No. 169
King, James Edward, No. 171
Ralph, William Jordon, No. 173
Ridgwell, Arthur, No. 197
Page, George Samuel, No. 12
Smith, James Whitcombe, No. 16
Hill, William, No. 18
Smith, Thomas George Roberts, No. 20
Robertson, John, No. 22
Sarling, Frederick, No. 24
Fowler, William James, Nos. 26-28
Harris, Annie Amelia, No. 32
Perry, Sydney, No. 34
Harris, Frank Field, No. 40
Davis, Charles Edwin, No. 42
Burgess, Arthur George, No. 44
Broomer, Lydia, No. 46
Edwards, Ernest Russell, No. 48
Taylor, William John, Nos. 50-52
Culyer, Horatio, Dodwells Yard
Peaty, George William, No. 54
Southworth, Elizabeth Jane, No. 56
Allen, Fred George, No. 58
Green, Frederick George, No. 60
Cornell, Edward William, No. 62
Banyard, Richard, No. 64
Miller, Herbert, No. 64
Heath, Mary Ann, No. 66
Willingall, Annie, No. 66
Evans, George Thomas, No. 80
Davis, Charles, No. 82
Hooper, Charles Richard, No. 84
Clark, Emily, No. 86
Pasterfield, Leonard Robert, No. 88
French, Frank Albert, No. 90
Hart, Thomas Joseph, No. 92
Wilson, Joseph Wilson, No. 94
Lythell, Herbert, No. 96
Mayes, Joseph John, No. 98
Wiffin, Frederick Alfred, No. 100
Brown, Harry, No. 102
Norris, James Edward, No. 104
Hilbourne, Florence Mary, No. 106
Harrison, Richard, No. 108
Moody, Thomas William, No. 110
Brewster, Lucy Ellen, No. 112
Wenn, David, No. 114
Bull, William Samuel John, No. 116
Taylor, Edward William, No. 120
Hall, John, Nos. 124-126
Taylor, Arthur, No. 128
Firmin, George Euston, No. 12
Harfleet, Thomas, No. 130
Bennett, Emily Mary, No. 130
Dorrington, Blanche, No. 132
Manzano, Leopold, No. 134
Middleditch, William, No. 136
Maky, Clement William, No. 138
Hayes, Clara Annie, No. 138
Locke, Frank, No. 140
Cheetham, Samuel, No. 142
Smith, Arthur Stillman, No. 144
Maddocks, William Henry, No. 146
Wallis, Marion, No. 148
Byrne, John Edwin, No. 150
Page, Samuel, No. 152
Handley, William Henry, No. 154
Liddiard, Mary, No. 156
Layen, John Henry, No. 158
Cheetham, Walter, No. 160
Bass, Thomas George, No. 162
Pasterfield, Samuel Robert, No. 164
Sayer, Frances Emily, No. 168
Thomas, Elizabeth, No. 168
Poston, Walter William, No. 170
Digby, Henry, No. 172
Reeves, William, No. 174
Clark, Harry Herbert, No. 176
Payne, William Ernest, No. 178
Robertson, James, No. 180
Rudd, Herbert George, No. 182
Searle, Bertie, No. 184
Walker, Herbert Cartwright, No. 186
Brown, Emma, No. 188
Knight, Sophia, No. 190
Shaw, William, No. 210
Plummer, Herbert Walter, No. 212
Page, Alfred, No. 214
Smith, Jemima, No. 216
Patience, Joseph, No. 218
Spurgeon, Sidney Ernest, No. 220
Rixon, Alice, No. 222
Goulder, William Frederick, No. 224
Goulder, Beatrice Maud, No. 224
Goble, George, No. 226
Anderson, Maria Sarah, No. 228
Anderson, Elizabeth, No. 228
Mead, William, No. 230
Cumyings, John William, No. 232 (as is)
Forster, Henry John, Dr., No. 234
John, Clara, No. 242
Kennedy, Florence Ellen Beecher, No. 244
Evans, Harry Arthur, No. 246
Sims, Frederick, No. 248
Ballentyre, Edward Quincy, No. 250
Smith, William, No. 252
Letts, Walter Henry, J.P., No. 254
Weir, William, No. 256

VICTORIA ROW (Queen Street)
Charlick, Charles, No. 1
Newman, Walter John, No. 2
Young, Thomas, No. 3
Smart, William James, No. 4
Charlick, Frederick, No. 5
Perry, Sarah, No. 6

Foes, William Edwin, No. 1
Honeybunn, William, No. 3
Clark, Robert Alfred, No. 5
Holmes, William, No. 7
Smith, Albert, No. 9
Kittle, Charles, No. 11
Newing, Charles Albert, No. 13
Hay, John, No. 15
Kittle, Charles Edward, No. 17
Coates, Charles Henry, No. 19
Parsons, George, No. 21
Nevard, Nathan, No. 25
Hammond, Alfred James, No. 27
Westrop, Walter, No. 29
Tilson, John Herbert, No. 31
Clark, Bertie Cornelious, No. 33
Ford, Frederick John, No. 35
King, Walter, No. 35
Linsell, Louisa Elizabeth, No. 37
Payne, George Henry, No. 39
Cockerton, James, No. 43
Lenton, George Alfred, No. 45
Woodward, Alice Mary, No. 47
Garratt, Thomas, No. 49
Drake, Jacob, No. 51
Keeble, Benjamin, No. 53
Spells, Mathews Rebecca, No. 55

Hale, Ellen, No. 1
Hale, Frank Edward, Nos. 3-5
Milton, Ernest Philip, No. 7
Mann, Harry George, No. 9
Shorthose, Lily Elizabeth, No. 13
Tyler, William George, No. 15
Tyler, Frederick Edward, No. 17
Holby, William James, No. 19
Grantham, Charles John, No. 21
Tyler, Percy William, No. 23
Tomlinson, Arthur James, No. 25
Jarvis William George, No. 25
Watts, Harry, No. 27
Milton, Charles Henry Sampson, No. 29
Hearne, Horace Edward, No. 31
Mann, John James, No. 33
Hunwicks, Ernest Leonard, No. 35
Mead, George Thomas, No. 37
Wright, Charles William, No. 39
Mortlock, William Ashton, No. 41
Fryatt, Henry John, No. 43
Cutts, Eliza Ann, No. 45
Brown, Arthur, No. 47
Wopling, Eliza., No. 49
Valentine, Harry, No. 51
Crussell, David, No. 4
Needs, Reuben, No. 10
Schooling, Rose Elizabeth, No. 12
Fish, Edward Charles, No. 14
Parsons, Henry James, No. 16
Charlick, Cecil Charles, No. 18
McIntyre, David, No. 20
Ray, Sarah Ann, No. 22
Wood, Rose Ellen, No. 24
Young, John William, No. 26
Archer, Samuel George, No. 28
Rush, James, No. 30
Wright, Lizzie, No. 32
Smith, Alfred, No. 34
Potter, William, No. 36
Crudgington, Harry, No. 38
Lazell, William James, No. 40
Rich, Horace, Henry, No. 42 (as is)
Craig, Elizabeth, No. 44
Poole, Edward, No. 46
Saunders, Benjamin George, No. 48
Thompson, Richard, No. 50
Stone, Caroline, No. 52
Parker, George, No. 54
Brown, Albert, No. 56
Hull, Alfred Henry, No. 58
Rowe, Edith Sarah, No. 60
Wilde, Samuel, No. 62
Beard, Edward, No. 64
Mizen, Edward George, No. 66
Parker, Charlie, No. 68
Millbank, George Thomas, No. 68
Argent, William Alfred, No. 72
Jackson, John Frederick, No. 74
Saunders, Arthur, No. 76
Knight, James Frederick, No. 78
Ottley, Jesse, No. 80
Pledger, Annie, No. 82
Turner, Emma Maud, No. 82
Harding, Rose Alice, No. 82
Day, Robert, No. 84
Hembling, George, No. 86
Comber, Naomi, No. 1 Ivy Terrace
Genn, William George, No. 3 Ivy Terrace
Unwin, George, No. 4 Ivy Terrace
Hunwicks, James, No. 5 Ivy Terrace
Scholfield, William, No. 6 Ivy Terrace
Clark, James Walter, No. 7 Ivy Terrace
Smith, Mary Ann, No. 8 Ivy Terrace
Bricknell, William, No. 9 Ivy Terrace
Young, Henry James, No. 10 Ivy Terrace
Hodson, Jonas Osborne, No. 11 Ivy Terrace
Matthews, George, No. 12 Ivy Terrace
Holby, Edward, Cottage

WELL YARD (High Street)
Stratton, Frederick, No. 1
Ramsey, Ernest David William Alfred, No. 2
Hitch, Maria, No. 3
Wright, John James, No. 4
Gilbey, John, No. 6
Stevens, Agnes, No. 8
Wright, Arthur, No. 9
Stanford, Walter, No. 10
Hines, Charles Alfred, No. 11
Fry, Samuel, No. 12
Fowler, Rhoda, No. 13
Vale, Harry, No. 14
Pryke, George, No. 15

Brooke, Robert Frank, No. 9
Adams, Marion, No. 11
Polychroniadis, Lazarus, No. 13
Wallington, George Henry, No. 35
Haswell, William John, No. 37
Janes, Frederick, No. 49
Woollard, Meshach, No. 51
March, Charles Seymour, No. 65
Rankin, Mary, No. 67
Hall, George Gisbon, No. 69 (as is)
Pugh, Elizabeth Sarah, No. 71
Sweet, Marion Elen, No. 83
Clements, Henry Vile, No. 85
Burgess, Charles, No. 87
Archer, William Edward, No. 89
Archer, Patience Amelia, No. 89
Henderson, Cecil Vere, No. 91
Fraser, James Alexander, No. 2
Gerrard, James Gall, No. 6
Gerrard, John Butchard, No. 8
Barrett, Eleanor Elizabeth, No. 10
Mumford, James, No. 14
Cooke, Francis, No. 16
Small, Henry Watt, No. 18
Simmonds, Frederick Thomas, No. 20
Hallam, John, No. 22
Xavier, MacCarthy, Mary Francis, No. 24 (as is)
Anthony, Shepherd Mary, No. 24
Hunt, Sydney, No. 26
Frost, Richard George, No. 28
Frost, Jessie, No. 28
Robinson, Charles Edward, No. 36
Clarke, Alexander, No. 38
Thornton, Edith Marion, No. 40
Dunball, Catherine Julia, No. 42
Oliver, Charles Henry, No. 44
Carr, John William, No. 46
Simonds, Alfred, No. 48
Gibson, Hugh Young, No. 50
Ayers, Robert John, No. 54
Greenwood, Percival C., No. 56
Mather, George Samuel, No. 58
Ross, Alice Jane, No. 60
Adams, Annie Kate, No. 62
Baldwin, Charles, No. 64
Clare, Roland Pinkney, No. 68
Mooney, Sarah Jane, No. 70
Davis, Ada, No. 70
Bignold, John Alfred, No. 72
Webb, Juliana, No. 74
Banham, Francis Cecil, No. 76
Martin, George John, No. 78
Brooks, William Edward, No. 80
Davey, Theophilus, No. 82
Dunball, George Alfred, No. 84

Hickford, Henry, No. 4 Hive Cottages
Randall, Henry, No. 3 Hive Cottages
Wilson, Thomas, No. 2 Hive Cottages
Pead, Charlie, No. 1 Hive Cottages
Allen, Charles, William, No. 4 (as is)
Knowles, Edward
Marshall, James, Claytons Farm
Marshall, Annie, Claytons Farm
Watling, George
Howe, Edward, No. 3
Pead, George, No. 2
Turnstill, Mary Ann
Jones, Mary
Harding, Charles
Rainbird, John
Turnstill, Samuel
Siggins, John
Weaver, Albert
Brooks, Henry William
Wapling, Florence Ada

Bush, Sidney Harold, No. 1
Bragg, Alfred Ernest, No. 3
Gilder, Mary Ann, No. 5
Hunsdon, Samuel, No. 7
Rogers, John, No. 9
Courtney, John William, No. 11
Smith, Elizabeth Ann, No. 13
Courtney, Henry, No. 15
Hamlin, Harriet, No. 15
Watts, Fred, No. 17
Talbot, William Henry, No. 19
Tyrrell, Jane, No. 21
Eary, Louisa, No. 23
Langram, James, No. 25
Hallows, Sarah, No. 27
Saunders, William, No. 29
Lee, Stephen John, No. 31
Hallows, Frederick George, No. 33
Payne, Abner, No. 35
Bowell, Israel, No. 37
Gilder, William, No. 39
Potter, Cordelia, No. 41
Crewdson, Arthur, No. 43
Crewdson, William Arthur Reginald, No. 43
Ogden, Sarah Ogden, "The Hut"
Kirner, Henry William, "Letchworth"
James, Henry, No. 2
Wills, Minnie, No. 2
Carter, George, No. 4
Jarvis, Jesse, No. 6
Wheeler, Harry, No. 8
Perry, Alfred Edward, No. 10
Rich, William John, No. 12
Jones, Walter, No. 14
Banks, Martha, No. 16
Maryson, Charlotte Elizabeth, No. 18
Archer, John, No. 20
Poel, Percy Clifford, No. 22
Lodge, William, No. 24
Wheal, David, No. 26
Rawlings, John, No. 28
Cowland, Cecil Walter, No. 30
Heather, Frederick George, No. 32
Whyberd, Charles William, No. 34
Saggers, William, No. 36
Wood, Henry, No. 38
Sharp, James, No. 40
Burton, Mary Ann, No. 42
Cornish, Frederick William, No. 44
Brand, Elizabeth, No. 46
Dicks, Henry John, No. 48
Ramsey, William, No. 50
Davies, Charles Webster, No. 52
Fancy, Harry, No. 54
Saggers, Alfred, No. 56
Cook, Charles Henry, No. 58
Brook, Ellen, No. 60
Tregoning, William, No. 62
Nicholls, William Joseph, No. 64
Walker, Herbert George, No. 66
Halse, Herbert Vivian, No. 68
Parsons, William, No. 70
Greenwood, Isaac James, No. 72
Ferguson, Oswald Oscar, No. 74
Deeks, Frederick William, No. 76
Warmington, Gertrude Roper, No. 78
Hickman, Augustus Robert, No. 80
Bowell, Israel William, No. 82
Pharoah, Albert John, No. 84
Thompson, Frederick Albert, No. 1 Devonshire Villas
Embleton, Frederick Walter, No. 2 Devonshire Villas

WITHAM ROAD (Heath Park)
Barker, Edward William
Steward, Harry, "Heathfield"
Garratt, Lenord Thomas, "Elmhurst" (as is)

Fordham, Herbert Walter, 1 Hope Villas
Frewin, Claude, No. 2 Hope Villas
Rudge, Arthur Charles, No. 3 Hope Villas
Wood, Charles, No. 4 Hope Villas
Bridge, Henry Edward John, No. 1 Frances Villas
Collard, John, No. 2 Francis Villas
Hookway, James, No. 1 Rose Villas
Brett, Henry, No. 2 Rose Villas
Brooks, William, No. 1 Jonathan Villas
Smith, Joseph Coker, No. 2 Jonathan Villas
Everitt, Frederick
Horsnail, Thomas
Truss, Rose, No. 1 Wolsey Terrace
Linsell, Jane, No. 2 Wolsey Terrace
Gilligan, William George, No. 4 Wolsey Terrace
Denham, Henry Joseph, No. 5 Wolsey Terrace
Polley, William, No. 6 Wolsey Terrace
Daws, Frederick William, No. 7 Wolsey Terrace
Clark, Elizabeth, No. 8 Wolsey Terrace
Milner, Michael Henry, No. 9 Wolsey Terrace
Bridge, William, No. 10 Wolsey Terrace
Swan, Sydney George, No. 11 Wolsey Terrace
Cracknell, William John, No. 12 Wolsey Terrace
Swan, George, No. 13
Bernard, James, No. 14
Gowlett, William Ernest, No. 15
Farrow, Albert George, No. 16
Howes, Albert Walter, No. 17
Foster, Leonard Ernest, No. 18
Purvis, Charles Thomas, No. 1 Cedar Terrace
Parrow, Edward James, No. 2
Cumbers, Alfred, No. 3
Tees, James Campbell, No. 4
Playle, Charles Albin, No. 4


Warehousing & Removals
Elm Lodge, Main Road,

AVES, RIDER & AVES, Estd. 1909
Ophthalmic Opticians
68 South Street, Romford, and at
Walthamstow, Leytonstone & Ilford

General Furnishing, Builders' Ironmonger
and Agricultural Engineer
10 High Street, Romford

Pork Butcher
76 High Street, Romford
And at Brentwood

COOPER (Proprietor: H. R. HEFFER)
Pork Butcher
60 High Street, Romford

Boot & Shoemaker and Repairer
72a South Street, Romford

76 South Street
Head Offices & Works: Nursery Walk

Ice Merchants, Carmen & Contractors
North Street, Romford

Wine & Spirit Merchant
105 Victoria Road, Romford, and
The Old House....Taylor
Victoria Hotel, Romford

Grocery and Provisions
56 North Street, Romford

Family Butchers
70 Market Place, Romford

General Draper
South Street, Romford

(Late of A. & G. Patridge Bros.)
Painter, Plumber and House Decorator
12 Medora Road, Romford

Hatter, Hosier, Glover & Outfitter
37 South Street, Romford

Tailor, Outfitter, Hatter, Hosier & Glover
Victoria Road, Romford

Taxi Proprietors
South Street Garage, and
Golden Lion Yard, Romford, also
CLARK, Station Garage,
South Street, Romford

Family Butcher
Victoria Road, Romford

Auctioneers, House and Estate Agents
10 South Street, Romford

Bread, Cakes, Wines & Bottled Beers
14 High Street, Romford

Complete House Furnishers
39 High Street, Romford

Newsagent & Bookbinder
30 High Street, Romford
(Opposite the Brewery)

(Principal: C. H. ALLEN)
The Romford Motor & Carriage Works, Ltd.
Repair and Hire
London Road, Romford

Pianos, Organs, Furniture, Sewing Machines, Mangles etc
21 Victoria Road, Romford

J. W. WORTLEY, Proprietor
'The Globe'
Coffee and Dining Rooms
Market Place, Romford
(Opposite the Fountain)

The Sports Depot
Cyles and Motor Cycles, Sports Equipment
50 & 52 Victoria Road, Romford

Coal & Coke Merchant, Carman & Contractor
Mawney Lane, Mawney Estate, Romford

Tailor and General Outfitter
19 & 19a South Street

"The" China Shop
China, Glass and Gifts
83 South Street, Romford
(By the Railway Stations)

66 South Street, Romford, and at
31 High Street, Romford

Optician, Watchmaker & Jeweller
13 South Street, Romford

Servants' Registry Office & Apartment Agency
78 Market Place, Romford

Wine & Spirit Merchant
High Street, Romford
(Opposite the Brewery)

MRS. MILLETT, Proprietor
People's Supply Stores
Grocery & Provision Depot
74 High Street, Romford
(Next Door to Axon's)

Builder, Undertaker & House Decorator
Wellington Works
125 George Street, Romford

Draper & House Furnisher, Clothier and
Boot Warehouseman
Market Place, Romford

Estate Agents
Upminster and Ilford

New and Second-Hand Furniture
44 and 46 High Street, Romford
(Established 100 Years)

Builders, Undertakers, Sign Writers,
Decorators and Plumbers
22 North Street, Romford

General Furnishing & Agricultural Ironmonger
20 and 22 Market Place, Romford

Grocery and Provisions Store
48 Market Place, Romford

Hotel Accommodation, Beers, Wines and Spirits
First-Class Stabling Accommodation
High Street, Romford

(Established 1870)
Goods, Toys, Stationery & Needlework
5 South Street, Romford

Cabinet Makers & Upholsterers, Furniture
Removers, Blinds, Cornice Poles & Linoleums
Market Place, Romford

Proprietors: F. T. & E. L. COATES
Holliday's Stores
Gift, Hardware and Grocery Department
18 & 20 Mawneys Road, Romford

J. B. ARCH     (Late F. E. MEDWAY)
Boot & Shoe Warehouse, China & Earthenware,
Grocery & Provisions
Market Place, Romford

Poultry and Eggs, Pork Sausages
9 and 11 South Street, Romford

Builders, Undertakers and Monumental Masons
Mawneys, Romford

Plumber and House Decorator
84, 65 and 67 High Street, Romford

MRS. DANBY, Florist
4 South Street, Romford

Furnishing and General Ironmonger
Market Place, Romford

Cowkeeper & Dairy Farmer
19 North Street, Romford

Saddle, Collar & Harness Maker
Market Place, Romford, and
High Street, Hornchurch

Wine and Spirit Merchant, and
South Street, Romford

Flour Milling
Victoria Flour Mills, Romford
Branches: Broadway, Barking and High Road, Goodmayes

The Cash Chemist
Corner of South Street and High Street, Romford

House Furnishers
Phone: Ilford 321

Family Butchers
52 and 54 High Street, Romford

IND, COOPE'S Local Agencies:
Green's Stores, South Street
The "Marlborough" Stores, Mawneys Road
C. W. STROWLGER, George Street Stores
T. E. TAYLOR, Victoria Street
MEADMORES, High Street

Painters and Decorators
Works & Wallpaper Showrooms: 117 Victoria Road, Romford
Office: "Woodlands", Oak Street, Romford

Hygienic Steam Bakeries
90 Brentwood Road, and
48 and 50 Albert Road, Romford

TIDMARSH (Est. 150 Years)
Baker, Pastrycook & Confectioner
High Street, Romford
(Opposite the Brewery)

Local Newspaper, Printing & Stationery
No Address

L. F. STONE (Established 1864)
The Household Linen House
Market Place, Romford

ROMFORD TELEPHONE DIRECTORY - List of Subscribers in the Romford District
including Upminster, Hornchurch, Havering and Harold Wood

C.O. Exchange & No:
Chadwell Heath Post Office, Market Place, T.S.O., Romford 30 and 25
Crane, Henry G., The "White Hart Hotel," Romford 20
G.E.R., Romford Station, Romford 38
G.E.R., Chadwell Heath Station, Romford 61
G.E.R., Squirrels Heath Station, Romford 554
Green's Stores, Hare Street, Gidea Park, Romford 132
Gross, C., The Pavement, 66 South Street, Romford 15
Hornchurch Post Office, Romford 60
Post Office, Brentwood Road, Romford 57
Romford Head Post Office, Romford 115
T.S.O., Victoria Road, Romford 573
Luff, Harry, High Street, Hornchurch.  Romford 585
Upminster S.O. (Post Office).  Romford 579
Y.M.C.A., Y.M.C.A. Hut, Hare Hill Camp, Gidea Park, Romford 142

Romford Nos:
Adams, S.W., Ltd., 7 Market Place, Romford 511
Arch, J. B., 40 Market Place, Romford 564
Artists' Rifles, No. 15 Cadet Battn., Romford 37
Atkinson, Thomas Renell, Cardigan House, Chadwell Heath.  Romford 53
Axon, H., 76 High Street, Romford 39

Bacon, Percy C. Haydon, "Priests", Romford 526
Bailey, William, "Harefield," Romford 530
Beard, R. W., High Street, Hornchurch.  Romford 571
Bennett, J. H. and R., "Iona," Hornchurch Road, Romford 596
Binks, Arthur, 51 Junction Road, Romford 117
Boots' Cash Chemists (Southern, Ltd.), 32 South Street, Romford 129
Boyer, William & Sons, Chadwell Heath Station.  Romford 104
Brewster, J., Beacontree Heath, near Romford.  Romford 580
British & Argentine Meat Co., Ltd., 76 Eastern Road, Romford 580
Brock, H. N., Mawneys Road, Romford 1
Brock, H. N., "The Cannons," North Street, Romford 112
Brooks, Charles, Hornchurch Road, Romford 509
Brown, John, M.B., Ch.B., "Birkendene," Balgores Lane, Romford 111
Butterfield, James & Co., Oak Street, Romford 110

Candler, C., 1 Lindon Street, Romford 69
Carter, E., 125 George Street, Romford 69
Clark, E., "Meadowbrook," Heath Drive, Gidea Park, Romford 216
Clarke, R., "Mawney Arms," Romford 136
Clements, Henry V., "Fairfield," Western Road, Romford 548
Comber, E. E., High Street, Hornchurch.  Romford 589
Cooke, J. F., Hare Street, Gidea Park.  Romford 66
Cooper, Ida, 7 Elm Walk, Gidea Park.  Romford 563
County Welding Works Co., South Street, Romford 87
Cowles, H. C., Gobions House, Chase Cross, Havering, Romford 119
Craig, James Andrew, "Tredinnock," Main Road, Romford 26
Craig, J. J., 66 Market Place, Romford 506

Daldy & Co., Romford 515
Dare, Richard, "White Hart Hotel," High Street, Hornchurch.  Romford 50
Davey & Makings, 22 North Street, Romford 108
Dorey, Frank William, "The Lawn," Collier Row, Romford 501
Dowsing & Davis, "Mawney," Romford 500

Electrical and Engineering Supplies Co., "Thornsette," Fitzwilliam Avenue,
Romford 501
England, H., "Roselands," Osborne Road, Romford 143
Essex Education Committee, 71 South Street, Romford 599

Farrow, E.F., The Crossways, Gidea Park, Romford 587
Fitch, Charles Frederick, "Elm Hurst," Romford 24
Franklin, Richard, "The Homestead," 22 Heath Drive, Gidea Park.  Romford 152
Fraser, J.A., Western Lodge, Romford 509
Fraser, W. J. & Co., Engineering Works, Dagenham.  Romford 222/3

Gardner, Thomas, Dury Falls, Hornchurch.  Romford 546
Gay, A. R., Coxes Farm, Romford 592
Gay, I. M., The Warren, Chadwell Heath.  Romford 144
Gidea Park Club, Old Gidea Hall, Gidea Park, Romford 74
Gidea Park Limited, Romford Garden Suburb, Hare Street, Gidea Park.  Romford 48
"Golden Lion Hotel," Romford 71
Gostling & Hosegood, Victoria House, Brentwood Road, Romford 502
Great Eastern Railway, Romford Factory, Squirrels Heath.  Romford 67
Great Eastern Railway Co., Romford Station.  Romford 538
Green, A. W., Upminster.  Romford 579
Green, Charles David, M.D., The Ferns, Romford 504
Grieve, William Henry, "Rokewood," Heath Drive, Gidea Park, Romford 503
Guardians of the Romford Union, Clerks Office.  Romford 595
Guardians of the Romford Union, Home for Children, Laurie Square.  Romford 533
Guardians of Romford Union, 214, Victoria Road, Romford 64
Guardians of Romford Union, Workhouse, Romford 19
Guardians of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, The Cottage Homes, near Hornchurch. Romford 6

Hall & Co. (Croydon), Ltd., Gravel Pits, Manor Road.  Romford 90
Hammond & Son, Market Place, Romford 508
Harris, W. & Co. (Romford), Ltd., 23 Victoria Road, Romford 138
Harris, W. J., Salem House, Collier Row, Low Shoe Lane, Romford 141
Harrison Barber & Co., Ltd., 37 Market Place, Romford 521
High Grade Dairies, Ltd., Merton Hall Farm, Romford 156
Hobday & Son, 81 South Street, Romford 545
Hope, Mrs., Havering Grange, Romford 86
Hornchurch Brewery, Hornchurch.  Romford 547
Humphrey, C. W., 9 and 11 South Street, Romford 72
Hunt & Hunt, South Street, Romford 516
Hunt, Frank J., Reede Lodge, Junction Road, Romford 551

Ind. Coope & Co. (1912),  Ltd., Romford 41

Kemsleys, Corn Exchange, High Street, Romford 17
King, D. J., 9 North Street, Romford 577

Lasham, J. W., 1 High Street, Romford 505
Laurie Cinema, Market Square, Romford 113
Law, Edward, Lindsley House, Osborn Road, Romford 565
Leggett, T., "Rosedale," Heath Park Road, Romford 210/1/2
Lewis, W. A., The "Star Hotel," Romford 583
Living, Robert, High Street, Hornchurch.  Romford 32
Lloyd, George, Gidea Park Garage, Hare Street, Romford 137
Lloyd & Upton, 13 Market Place, Romford 46
Lloyd's Bank, Ltd., Market Place, Romford 3
Lockwood, Robert, J.P., D.L., Rose Court, Romford 165
London Clothing Co., The, 19 and 19a South Street, Romford 44
London County Westminster and Parrs' Bank, Ltd., Romford 73
London Provincial and South Western Bank, Ltd., South Street, Romford 127
Lovely, F. C., Rev., "Reedcroft," Reed Pond Walk.  Romford 118

Mallinson, R. & Sons, New Hall, Romford 167
Mather, G. S., 58 Western Road, Romford 559
Matthews, James & George H., The Mills, Harold Wood.  Romford 107
May, Arthur, "Tawstock," Gidea Park.  Romford 549
May, Thomas, "Vallance," Chadwell Heath.  Romford 49
Met. Adademy of Music, 35 Eastern Road, Romford 512
Michell, Henry B., "Eastbury," Romford 553
Minister of Munitions, Store No. 50, c/o Ind. Coope & Co., Romford 45
Moger, C. H., "Shenfield," Reed Pond Walk, Gidea Park.  Romford 59
Morris, E. J., "Highfield," Harrow Drive, Hornchurch.  Romford 62
Mullis, F., 34 South Street, Romford 11

National Service, Ministry of, 22 Eastern Road, Romford 123
New Zealand War Contingent Asscn., The Mahntonga Club, New Zealand Military Convalescent Camp, Hornchurch.  Romford 125
Newton, Charles Edward, 15 Heath Drive, Gidea Park, Romford 582
Norris, Arthur L., Chase Cross, Romford 557
Norris, Frank, The "Swan Hotel," Market Place, Romford 578

Page, Calnan & Co., Ltd., Goods Station, Romford 558
Page, Calnan & Co., Ltd., High Street, Hornchurch.  Romford 544
Page, Robert Henry, "Holm Lodge," London Road, Romford 518
Palmer, R., 29 Oldchurch Road, Romford 124
Palmer, Mrs. R., High Street, Romford 40
Parlby & Bescoby, 81 South Street, Romford 98
Parrish, C. D., "Frizlands," Dagenham.  Romford 65
Parrish, J. A., Heath Farm, Beacontree Heath nr. Romford.  Romford 540
Patridge, A., Bros., Acacia Walk, North Street, Romford 16
Pearce, Thomas & Son, High Street, Hornchurch.  Romford 543
Pink, John T., 10 High Street, Romford 513
Poels, Ltd., Rising Sun Yard, Romford 531
Poole, William, Squirrels Heath, Romford 99
Porter, Arthur, Bank House, Romford 541
Posten Brothers, 52 High Street, romford 586
Prior, C. L., Dagenham Priory, Noak Hill, Romford 126

Recuperative Hostel No. 2, Marshalls Park, Romford 580
Registrar, The (A. Partington), Romford County Court, Romford 8
Reynolds & Finch, 25 Market Place, Romford 5
Rhodes, B. & Son, Queen Street, Romford 95
Ritchie, F. C., "St. Monica," Kingston Road, Romford 510
Ritchie, F. C., 10 South Street, Romford 63
Robertson, R. M. F., "Lone Oak," Reed Pond Walk, Gidea Park, Romford 556
Romford Employment Exchange Agency, The Armoury, 33 Market Place, Romford 159
Romford Gas and Coke Co., Ltd., Nursery Walk, Romford 507
Romford Golf Club, 14 Heath Drive, Gidea Park.  Romford 7
Romford Isolation Hospital, Rush Green, Romford 77
Romford Motor and Carriage Works, Ltd., 31 London Road, Romford 542
Romford Police Station, South Street, Romford 79
"Romford Recorder" (Offices), 12 South Street, Romford 54
"Romford Recorder" (Works), North Street, Romford 91
Romford Rural District Council, 16a South Street, Romford 28
Romford Urban District Council, Market Place, Romford 135
Romford Victoria Cottage Hospital, Romford 528
Roneo, Ltd., Hornchurch Road, Romford 55
Rowntree, Arthur Percival, "Bryn-Alan," Harrow Drive, Gidea Park.  Romford 169
Rushen, Herbert Ed., 14 South Street, Romford 572
Ryan, Dr, Mawneys Road, Romford 597

Sainsbury, J., 30 South Street, Romford 591
Sankey, J. H. & Sons, Waterloo Road, Romford 12
Sibthorp, A. G. & H., High Street, Hornchurch.  Romford 544
Smith, Mrs. John, Wallace Lodge, Chadwell Heath.  Romford 52
Smith, F. G., "Hillcrest," Gilbert Road, Romford 532
Smith, John J., The Bower House, Havering.  Romford 9
South Essex Recorders, Ltd., North Street, Romford 91
South Essex Waterworks Co., Hornchurch Road, Romford 539
Spooner, J. C., 30 Cromer Road, Romford 43
Steeples, W. S., 28 Market Place, Romford 97
Sterling Telephone & Electric Co., Ltd., Sterling Works, Dagenham.  Romford 161/2
Stewart, J. W., "Peoria," High Road, Chadwell Heath.  Romford 536
Stone, J. H., Major, Lower Bedfords, Romford 105
Stone, L. F., 62-64 Market Place, Romford 594
Stratford Co-operative and Industrial Society, Ltd., 82 South Street,
Romford 529
Symons, Albert Henry, 67 South Street, Romford 209

Tanton, E., "Granton," Osborne Road, Romford 570
Tarry, H., Haveringwell House, Hornchurch Road, Romford 13
Thorpe, Charles G., Hove House, Chadwell Heath.  Romford 581
Turner, Sir Montagu, "Bedfords," Havering.  Romford 22
Twine, T. J., "Hainault," Oak Street, Romford 110

Upward, Harold, "Edfu," Romford 588

Valuation Office, Grays, 23 Eastern Road, Romford 51
Vellacott, W. H., "Elmsleigh," Junction Road, Romford 523
Verlyck, George L. M., The Pines, Whalebone Lane, Beacontree Heath.  Romford 593
Vincent, Phillip, 10 Western Road, Romford 537

Wackett, John, Bell House, Romford 566
Wade, Edward George, "White Horse Hotel," Chadwell Heath.  Romford 524
Wallis, Benjamin, 48 Market Place, Romford 10
Warden, R. C., 8 Risebridge Road, Gidea Park.  Romford 121
Warren, F. & Co., 6 The Pavement, South Street, Romford 36
West, E.S., Mrs., "Canberra," Gidea Park, Romford 561
Westgate & Hammond, 10 South Street, Romford 535
Wheatley, O., 20-22 Market Place, Romford 114
Whitmore, Henry, Ltd., Victoria Mills, Romford 522
Whittenbury, R., "Redwood," Gidea Park.  Romford 146
Williams, W. Varco, "Langtons," Hornchurch.  Romford 27
Wilshaw, E., "Tree Tops," Heath Drive, Gidea Park.  Romford 103
Wilson, Murray, 27 Heath Drive, Gidea Park.  Romford 75
Wilson & Whitworth, Ltd., "Essex Times" Office.  Romford 2
Winmill, A. E., Longfield House, Hornchurch Road.  Romford 568
Wright, Alfred, "Mount Sorrel," Romford 78
Woolley, W. H., "The Limes," Mill Lane, Chadwell Heath.  Romford 158
Wright, E. A., The Lodge, Romford 527
Wright S. R., Ditchett, Romford 534

Y.M.C.A., Y.M.C.A. Hut, Hare Hall Camp, Gidea Park.  Romford 33